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Excellent movie. Has to be up there. The dynamic of Van Cleef and Milian plus the wonderful soundtrack and storyline makes it a real spaghetti masterpiece!

(Michael Baker) #2564

It was over a year ago since I posted my top 20 so time to show my changes over this period.

Old Top 20
1.Once Upon a Time in the West
2.For a Few Dollars More
3.The Good the Bad and the Ugly
4.A Fistful of Dollars
5.The Great Silence
6.Duck you Sucker!
7.Face to Face
8.The Big Gundown
10.A Bullet for the General
11.The Mercenary
13.Cemetery Without Crosses
16.Day of Anger
17.Sonny and Jed
18.Run Man Run
20.The Return of Ringo

New Top 20
1.Once Upon a Time in the West
2.For a Few Dollars More
3.The Good the Bad and the Ugly
4.A Fistful of Dollars
5.The Great Silence
6.Duck you Sucker!
7.Face to Face
8.The Big Gundown
9.The Forgotten Pistolero
11.Sonny and Jed
13.The Mercenary
14.No Room To Die
15.Django the Bastard
16.Black Jack
17.A Bullet for the General
18.Day of Anger
20.Cemetery Without Crosses

(Eas051587) #2565

Hello, ive been lurking on this fourm for a while and thought id share my top 20 favorite spaghetti westerns, so here it is. 1.the good, the bad and the ugly 2.for a few dollars more 3.once upon a time in the west 4.the great silence 5.the mercenary 6.the big gundown of anger 8.bullet for a general 9.death rides a horse 10.companeros 11.face to face 12.a pistol for ringo 13.fistful of dollars 14.death sentence 15.cemetary without coffins 16.pray for death sartana is here 17.django 18.bandidos 19.navajo joe 20.return of ringo spaghettis that i couldnt fit but also love are 21.10000 for blood money 22.the grand duel you sucker 24.light the fuse sartana is coming 25.sabata this was extremely difficult i feel like im missing some and i also have a lot more to watch. If any of you could recommend me some spaghettis that you think id like based on my list that would be greatly appreciated, im a huge fan of this genre and look forward to being an active member of this fourm. Thanks

(Stanton) #2566

Try to watch El puro and Duel in the Eclipse

This one: “pray for death sartana is here” is actually If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death, yes?

And “cemetary without coffins” is Cemetery without Crosses?

(Asa) #2567

Welcome to the SWDB, amigo!

(Phil H) #2568

Some (last.caress maybe?) recently said on a different thread that he thought the Official Top 20 had become pretty much locked down but looking at it again I’m not so sure. It hasn’t changed for a while I’ll admit but it seems to me Run Man Run is gradually sliding pretty close to dropping out and has been for a while. With a few more votes for Sartana, and our new friend Eas051587 (doesn’t that handle just slide off the tongue) has just added some right here, I think we could easily see our first change for a while.

When I think back to when I first started the Alt Top 20 I’m pretty sure Return of Ringo was eligible because it wasn’t in the Official T20 and Sabata wasn’t because it was. (if you get my meaning from such a garbled sentence) Now Sabata is a long way out of the T20 and R of R is well and truly secure. These things change slowly for sure but they do change.

I am hoping that Run Man Run holds its place if for no other reason than that it will screw up my vote count completely on the Alt 20 if it drops out. I also like the film of course.


I think it’s great how all three of Sollima’s westerns are in the Top 20 :slight_smile:

But yes I’ve also been wondering how the Top 20 would pan out now if inactive member’s ancient posts were disregarded.


Welcome amigo. Try watching Run Man Run (sequel to Big Gundown), Dead men Ride, The Price of Power, Long Days of Vengeance, Johnny Hamlet and Vengeance is Mine (A sister movie to $10,000 Blood Money, but I’m one of the few who prefers the former) if you haven’t already. Whatever you’re looking for though you’ll find it here, I’ve seen nearly every spaghetti western that I have because of this site.


Same. Most seem to prefer Corbucci but Sollima’s my favourite after Leone.

(Stanton) #2572

Yes, Return of Ringo was the one which climbed from behind in the top 20, and is still climbing, and indeed Run Man Run is on its way down, so maybe that one is not cemented.

Sabata was in the early days in the top 20 and also If You Meet Sartana and Blindman for some months. At present Sartana has a chance.

The last update was long ago and I will try to make a new one in the Easter days. It’s an Easter(n) promise then.

And I could compile for entertainment purposes also a list which skips earlier lists. How far should I go back for that? 2014? 2012? 2010?


In that case, I’ll submit my new list soon.

(Asa) #2574

Speaking just for myself, I think it would be really interesting to see how, say, the last five years’ worth of lists only would pan out. Just for the sake of curiosity and for entertainment, as you say. Provided it’s not too difficult to do.


Let us know when you’re doing the next list. I’ve done a lot of shuffling recently so my list will be quite different to what it was a few years ago.


Definitely, also @Eas051587give these ones a try…Pistoleros, Django the Last Killer, My Name is Pecos and The Moment to Kill.

Enjoy the stay!

(Stanton) #2577

Johnny Excel might help me, so I may do it.

(morgan) #2578

[quote=“Eas051587, post:2565, topic:190”]
If any of you could recommend me some spaghettis that you think id like based on my list that would be greatly appreciated
[/quote]As you like Bullet for the General and The Mercenary, you will probably like other Zapatas, like Companeros, and Tepepa. As you like The Big Gundown, you will probably like the sequel Run, Man, Run. As you like Cemetary Without Crosses, Bandidos and Death Sentence, you will probably also like The Bounty Killer, El Puro and Sonora.

Here are my top 50:


Apologies @stanton I still haven’t bothered to watch Boot Hill, or the second half of Ace High.

  1. Once Upon a Time in The West
  2. For a Few Dollars More
  3. The Great Silence
  4. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  5. Django
  6. Return of Ringo
  7. Cemetery Without Crosses
  8. My Name is Nobody
  9. The Mercenary
  10. The Big Gundown
  11. Quien Sabe?
  12. Tepepa
  13. The Dirty Outlaws
  14. Viva Django
  15. El Puro
  16. Django Kill!
  17. Requiem For a Gringo
  18. If You Meet Sartana, Pray For Your Death
  19. Companeros
  20. Blindman

(Stanton) #2580

No problem, I broke my eastern promise anyway.

I think in the future I will accept no lists without Boot Hill …


Good to see this one on your list!


Very underrated! Despite the far fetched idea of the father not realising Andrea isn’t really his son.