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Cheers, Stanton!

All the best for the New Year!

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All the best for you too, and every other one in this happy forum.

(wrong thread, who cares … )

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Just a quick question, really…

If I put forward my ‘Top 20’ (for the first time ever), is it okay to list ‘The Dollars Trilogy’ (Fistful, For A Few, GBU), as one single choice? Or…do I have to separate the three films, in to order of preference?

If I had to split them, it would be like (as I’ve said elsewhere) like splitting Triplets at birth…each one is of equal importance to me…can the ‘Trilogy’ be counted as one choice?

Any advice…?

(Stanton) #2544

How shall I give them points then? OK I could give them in that case with 3 films all the same number of points, but then you must leave out the other 2 positions.
But I would prefer it if you name them on order of preference. Use a dice if you can’t make up your mind … :wink:
In my top 20 there are also several films of which I do not really know which I prefer, but in the end it is not that important if a film is e.g. on # 6 or # 7 in one’s list.

The top 20 should be generally 20 films in order of preference.


I could’ve happily included the two Ringo films as a single entry like Howard Hughes did, but I decided against it for fairness.

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Thank, Stanton…I defer to your wisdom.

Okay…this is going to be a bugger, trying to put the three ‘Dollars’ in order…but…hey!! New Year…New Challenge!

Cheers, mate…hope you had a cracking New Year.

(Toscano) #2547

So could I, Dean…the ‘Ringo’ films are among my favourites…


I love Viva Django. People seem to have a huge problem with Hill’s performance simply because he’s known for playing Trinity.

(Toscano) #2549

Right. First time I’ve ever compiled a top 20, so here goes…

  1. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  2. For A Few Dollars More
  3. A Fistful of Dollars
  4. Once Upon A Time in the West
  5. Sabata
  6. Death Rides A Horse
  7. A Pistol For Ringo
  8. The Big Gundown
  9. Django
    10.The Great Silence
    11.Navajo Joe
    12.Face to Face
    13.Trinity is Still My Name
    14.Duck You Sucker!
    15.The Mercenary
    16.The Return of Ringo
    17.A Bullet For The General
    18.Adios, Sabata
    19.A Stranger in Town
    20.Johnny Hamlet

(ENNIOO) #2550

Prefer Hill in his non Trinity westerns.


Death Sentence is now in my top three of the genre, wow what a film!

(Spencer Glover ) #2552

My updated and definitive top 20

  1. The Good The Bad and The Ugly
  2. Once upon a time in the West
  3. For a few dollars more
  4. The Mercenary
  5. Day of Anger
  6. The great Silence
  7. Django
  8. The Ruthless four
  9. The Big gundown
  10. Death rides a horse
  11. I want him dead
  12. God Forgives I don’t
  13. Vengeance
  14. Mannaja
  15. Blackjack
  16. No Room To Die
  17. SARTANA does not forgive (Sonora)
  18. A Fistful of Dollars
  19. Duel in the Eclipse
  20. Dead men ride

(morgan) #2553

Your points for this one might just have earned it a place within the SWDB (unofficial) top 100!
And I have to revise my review :slight_smile:.

(Spencer Glover ) #2554

Superb :blush:


[quote=“Hawkeye76, post:2552, topic:190”]
Duel in the Eclipse[/quote]

Can’t wait to finally watch this.

(Spencer Glover ) #2556

It’s top class, great score aswell


New to the site so here’s my top 20:

  1. For a Few Dollars More (1965)
  2. If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death (1968)
  3. The Big Gundown (1966)
  4. Once Upon a Time in The West (1968)
  5. Vengeance (1968)
  6. A Fistful of Dynamite/Duck! You Sucker! (1971)
  7. 10,000 Dollars for a massacre (1967)
  8. Day of Anger (1967)
  9. Bullet For The General (1968)
  10. Face to Face (1967)
  11. Django Kill (1967)
  12. Keoma (1976)
  13. Django (1966)
  14. Compañeros (1970)
  15. The Great Silence (1968)
  16. My Name is Nobody (1973)
  17. Any Gun Can Play (1967)
  18. Vengeance is Mine (1968)
  19. Texas, Adios! (1966)
  20. They Call Him Cemetery (1971)

My guilty pleasure favourite spaghetti western has to be “Those Dirty Dogs” (1973) because Garko plays a Muslim but I couldn’t seriously place it in my top 20.

Mentions for: Sabata, El Pluro, Blackjack, They Call Me Trinity, Death Rides a Horse, Cemetery Without Crosses, Taste of Killing and any Tomas Milian, Gianni Garko or Lee Van Cleef Spaghetti :joy:

(Asa) #2559

Hi @GoldWorshiper! I assume this Sartana film is If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death (Parolini, 1968), but for the avoidance of doubt can you just confirm that for us so @Stanton can allocate the points to the correct movie? Too many damn Sartana movies! :grinning:

Cheers, hombre!


That’s the one! The first Gianni Garko Sartana film comes in at number 2!


Welcome, I see The Big Gundown in your top 3, that has to be my all time favorite Van Cleef performance.