Vote for Our Official Top 20

(Stanton) #2481

Oh yes, please, come to reason again …

(tomas) #2482

Are you prepared for a Fat Brothers Of Trinity in someone’s TOP?

Calm, calm, neither am I.

But it might be Garko heavy.

(Stanton) #2483

As long as El puro, Duel in the Eclipse and Boot Hill are in I can stomach everything …

(tomas) #2484

I’m afraid, that shamelessly overlooked gems with fat guys, kung fu crossovers, and Shatner’s early work might replace titles you mentioned.

(scherpschutter) #2485

That’s okay wit me, I only like Duel in the Eclipse of those three …

(Stanton) #2486

You replaced them already with stuff like that, if I remember correctly. Looked like a list created by playing dice with every possible (and impossible) Spag.

(tomas) #2487

Alea iacta est then, my dear Stanton.

(tomas) #2488

Not at all, Boot Hill still there - although with my new TOP …

(tomas) #2489

Yes, that’s a cool movie - but i am afraid it’s no match for White Comanche.

Oh, forum lawbot is already on my trail - my maverick posting manners might cause that.

"Rather than many sequential replies to a topic, please consider a single reply that includes quotes from previous posts or @name references.

You can edit your previous reply to add a quote by highlighting text and selecting the quote reply button that appears."

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(scherpschutter) #2490

Revenge of the Russians. Putin is behind this, you Slawaks beat his football team. See what happens now …

(tomas) #2491

I’m not afraid - i have a powerful Russkie by my side.

(scherpschutter) #2492

Think I’m gonna shoot someone, bang bang

(tomas) #2493

All righty, it has been hard, since the differencies (in my view) between most of the spaghies in my TOP 22 are microscopic, but this is how it looks like now.

There are some titles i didn’t include, like for example The Mercenary or For a sissy roof sky full of bloody stars, which i haven’t seen for some time, and i’m quite cautios here, because some rewatches gave me a lesson recently.

You, probably, have no idea what i’m talking about, but that’s fine, you’ll understand everything once when Ragnarok will come and wipe your ass with blade of eternity.

I kicked out Acquasanta Joe, but Drummer stayed, because i think Mario Garriazzi was interesting director, whose talents, unfortunately had not been fully developed. Nevertheless, Drummer is a cool SW.

I also tried to incorporate some Sartana titles, but, honestly, these movies are still somewhat hard to grasp for me, which is strange since they have lot of things i like. It’s a spaghie mystery.

And Nobody had to go.

  1. The Specialists
  2. Great Silence
  3. Moment to Kill
  4. Good Bad Ugly
  5. The Silent Stranger
  6. Long Live Your Death
  7. Companeros
  8. A Minute To Pray A Second To Die
  9. Boot Hill
  10. Fistful of Lead
  11. Blindman
  12. Grand Duel
  13. Boldest Job in the West
  14. Sonny and Jed
  15. Long Days Of Vengeance
  16. Face To Face
  17. Ace High
  18. Drummer of Vengeance
  19. Bad Man’s River
  20. El Desperado
  21. Roy Colt & Winchester Jack
  22. El Puro

This was old list:

  1. The Specialists
  2. Great Silence
  3. Moment to Kill
  4. Fistful of Lead
    5.Sonny and Jed
  5. Long Live Your Death
  6. Long Days Of Vengeance
  7. Drummer of Vengeance
  8. Get Mean
  9. Yankee
  10. Grand Duel
  11. Boldest Job in the West
  12. Bad Man’s River
  13. My Name Is Nobody
  14. Boot Hill
  15. Acquasanta Joe
  16. El Desperado
  17. Roy Colt & Winchester Jack
  18. Sartana Kills Them All
  19. Jonathan of the Bears

(SilverRoc) #2494

Having now watched 54 SWs I think its time to post my top 20 so far…

1)Once Upon a Time in the West
2)The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
3)The Great Silence
4)The Return of Ringo
6)A Fistful of Dollars
8)The Big Gundown
9)For a Few Dollars More
10)A Bullet for the General
11)Massacre Time
12)A Pistol for Ringo
14)The Price of Power
15)Run, Man, Run
17)The Grand Duel
18)My Name Is Nobody
19)Life Is Tough, Eh Providence?
20)Silver Saddle

(The Man With a Name) #2495

I’m still working on my top 20. It’s a difficult task. :smiley:

(Bad Lieutenant) #2496

It’s been years since I came up with a top 20 and a new one is in order.


  1. The good, the bad and the ugly
  2. Once upon a time in the west
  3. For a few dollars more
  4. Companeros
  5. A fistful of dollars
  6. Django
  7. Django, kill… if you live, shoot!
  8. A fistful of dynamite
  9. My name is nobody
  10. The mercenary
  11. Four of the apocalypse
  12. Black Jack
  13. $10.000 for a massacre
  14. Kill and pray
  15. God forgives, I don’t
  16. Vengeance
  17. The great silence
  18. $1.000 on the black
  19. Sonny & Jed
  20. Massacre time


  1. The good, the bad and the ugly
  2. Once upon a time in the west
  3. The great silence
  4. For a few dollars more
  5. Django
  6. A fistful of dollars
  7. Django, kill… if you live, shoot!
  8. A fistful of dynamite
  9. My name is nobody
  10. The mercenary
  11. Companeros
  12. Sonny & Jed
  13. Four of the apocalypse
  14. A bullet for the general
  15. If you meet Sartana, pray for your death
  16. The bountykiller
  17. Have a good funeral my friend, Sartana will pay
  18. Death rides a horse
  19. Johnny Hamlet
  20. Day of anger

(Asa) #2497

The Great Silence took a bit of a hit there, BL. Did it lose something upon its last viewing? I felt like that last time I watched Django; it’s been tumbling down my list ever since.

(Bad Lieutenant) #2498

First time I found it mesmerising, second time not so much, third time it became even less of the movie that was in my top 3 once. I’ve seen it 4 or 5 times now ad would rate it 7,5/10. I made the old list, having just watched it once. The Great Silence is still good though, don’t get me wrong, otherwise it would have been out completely.



let’s give it a try

1.For a Few Dollars More
2.The Good,the Bad & the Ugly
3.For a Fistful of Dollars
4.Il Ritorno di Ringo
5.The Price of Power
7.Once Upon a Time in the West
8.My Name is Nobody
10.Day of Anger
11.The Great Silence
12.La Resa dei Conti
13.Ochio per Ochio
14.A Bullet for the General
15.Johnny Yuma
16.Un Dollario Bucatto
17.Arizona Colt
19.La collera del vento
20.Red Sun


This needs to be my new offical top 20

1.Once upon time in the west (1968)
2.The Big Gundown (1966)
3.The Great Silence (1968)
4.The Hellbenders (1967)
5.California (1977)
6.Silver Saddle (1978)
7.The Dirty Outlaws (1967)
8.Cemetery Without Crosses (1968)
9. The Mercenary (1968)
10.For a few Dollars More (1965)
10.The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (1966)
11.Fistful of Dollars (1964)
12.One Silver Dollar (1965)
13.Shoot the Living… Pray for the dead (1971)
14.Django (1966)
15.Viva Django (1968)
16. The Ugly Ones (1966)
17. Massacre Time (1966)
18. Requiescant (1967)
19. Tepepa (1969)
20. Day Of Anger (1967)