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(Michael Baker) #2445

That’s right. I should hopefully get a copy of the film soon. If I were Tomas Milian I’d probably say something like “obviously I remember being in the film. I’d just like to watch myself again, the greatest actor of all time”. He rates himself! :grinning:

(JonathanCorbett) #2446

How many first positions to this day for Per un pugno di dollari, Django, La resa dei conti and Da uomo a uomo?

(Stanton) #2447

Per un pugno di dollari # 1 twice, 19 times top 3

Django # 1 once, 17 times top 3

La resa dei conti # 1 twice, 16 times top 3

Da uomo a uomo # 2 once, # 3 three times (4 too many, I still have no clue why this solid but unexiting Spag is in the top 20)

(JonathanCorbett) #2448

Thanks a lot.

The movie referenced in Kill Bill and Lee Van Cleef’s good performance are factors that count, in any case ‎I think Death Rides a Horse deserves its place in the Top 20.

(Stanton) #2449

Actually I think it is mainly the Van Cleef factor.

Not even in my top 50, but at least in a top 100. A nice 6/10 Spag.


1.Once upon a time in the west (1968)
2. The Big Gundown (1966)
3. The Great Silence (1968)
4. The HellBenders (1967)
5. Cemetery Without Crosses (1968)
6. Shoot the Living… Pray for the Dead (1971)
7. The Dirty Outlaws (1967)
8. California (1977)
9. For A Few Dollars more (1965)
10. The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966)
11. Fistful of Dollars (1964)
12. Minnesota Clay (1965)
13. Django (1966)
14. Day of Anger (1967)
15. Machine Gun Killers (1968)
16. God Forgives I don’t (1967)
17. Viva Django (1968)
18. The Ugly Ones (1966)
19. Death Rides A Horse (1967)
20. Tepepa (1969)

Alternative Top 20
(Michael Baker) #2451

Welcome! A good list there, a real mix of well known classics and lesser known titles. We share the same favourite at number 1 :grinning:.

(Novecento) #2452

In my opinion, Petroni did a far better job with “Tepepa”.

(Stanton) #2453

Yes, I prefer Tepepa too.

(david collins) #2454

here is my top 20
1, Buller for the General
2, For a few Dollars more
3, And God said to Cain
4, Companeros
5, To kill a Jackal
6, Vengeance
7, The Ruthless Four
8, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
9, Django
10, The Moment to Kill
11, Johnny Hamlet
12, The Unholy Four
13, The Big Gundown
14, Keoma
15, The Great Silence
16, If you meet Sartana, pray for your Death
17, I am Sartana your Angel of Death
18, Specialist
19, Once upon a time in the West
20, Mannaja

(JonathanCorbett) #2455

Two fifth places in under 24 hours for Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo, that’s really surprising.

(JonathanCorbett) #2456

And 27 points are coming for E Dio disse a Caino, which is very good.

(david collins) #2457

To kill a jackal is the finest of the no budget westerns ive seen and thats due to klaus kinski. Another actor in that role would make a boring film but thanks to kinski its a tense classic.

(Michael Baker) #2458

Have to agree it’s definitely one of the best low budget films from the genre and I was kept interested. A lot of that is down to the unpredictable Kinski.


Arizona Colt, And God said to Cain are both criminally underated. Im sure you’ve seen The Price of Power(1969), what did you think of it?

(JonathanCorbett) #2460

Luckily And God Said to Cain cannot be considered “criminally underrated”: it is a rising Top 30 title on SWDB, Top 40 Spagh according to IMDb users and at number two on the Alternative Top 20 list!


True, but as a gothic, revenge, horror western, this is true classic piece of cinema. A beatiful score from Carlo Savina, it goes well with Kinski’s haunting looks. The Cinematography is outstanding. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and since the film takes place in real time, the tension builds up slowly. Finally we get a fantastic ending, and some of the best shots of gothic landscape and setting ever filmed. Peter Carsten did an exellent job as Acombar. His wrongdoing finally catchs up with him. I think the film pushes what we can see in a western and is both original and one of a kind. I also think the film captures Kinski in one of his most haunting and unforgiving roles hes ever played. Kinski is a true master. He can act in anything it and it be over the top and beatiful. Sad hes no longer with us. Thank god we have Kinski to watch on film forever.


The Good , The Bad and The Ugly
The Great Silence
For A Few Dollars More
Vengeance (Joko …)1968
Django Kill
Vamos A Matar Companeros
Death Rides A Horse
If You Meet Sartana , Pray For Your Death
Once Upon A Time In The West
Sartana , Trade Your Guns For A Coffin
Il Mercenario

(Stanton) #2463

If you want your list to be part of the big forum’s Top 20 (aka The Eternal One) you must expand it to 20 films and bring them in order.

(Bill san Antonio) #2464

Someone who has the rights to do it should add “Post only top20 list!” or something to the top post of this topic. It’s distracting now because we first posted top12 lists before the we agreed on the rules we now have.