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(chuck connors brother) #161

I liked that one alot, did you see the version thats squashed at the sides?

(Italo-West-Fan) #162

[quote=“Stanton, post:160, topic:1486”]Even more surprising is:

  1. Dio non paga il sabato

tsk, tsk …[/quote]

I know that you like the film ! :wink: But in my eyes it’s very US-Like and in comparison to Matalo not really very good !

Thats my Version:

[/url] [url=]

(Stanton) #163

Hmm, US-like, strange, it is a typical Spagie imo.

Apart from that, truth is US westerns from that time only seldom were what you call US-like. :wink:

(Rutledal) #164

Has Return of Sabata been mentioned yet? Maybe I’ve just been spoiled when it comes to quality spaghetti westerns, but that one was the worst I have seen.

(sartana1968) #165

matalo it’s the most crap spaghetti western i ever seen! a totaly winner of crap…

(I love you M.E. Kay) #166

Well, to me The Return of Sabata is the best thing Gianfranco Parolini has ever directed!

(sartana1968) #167

you have it in your top 20?

(I love you M.E. Kay) #168

As of now it would be in my alternative top 20, if I made one (a position or two ahead of If You Meet Sartana… Pray For Your Death).

(Bill san Antonio) #169

Beyond the Frontiers of Hate is one of the worsts I’ve seen.

(tomas) #170

i haven’t seen that much of bad SWs yet, but Bury Them Deep was quite a stinker - not to mention it stole two big gunfights from Lanky Fellow adventure

(adamm07) #171

I can say about 13 really bad movies:

  1. Professionisti per un massacro (it’s not the worst crap but its most annoying sw imo)
  2. Ritorno di Shanghai Joe
  3. Ritorno di Clint Solitario
  4. Ringo del Nebraska
  5. Quel maledetto giorno d’inverno… Django e Sartana all’ultimo
  6. Black Killer
  7. Kid Vengeance
  8. Vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo
  9. Clint el Solitario
  10. Nato per uccidere
  11. Per una bara piena di dollari
  12. Savage Guns
  13. Fiume di dollari

(Stanton) #172

You haven’t reached the bottom yet.

don’t know if these are good or bad news for you … :wink:

(ENNIOO) #173

Some not bad ones in that list :smiley:

(adamm07) #174
You haven't reached the bottom yet.

don’t know if these are good or bad news for you …

Thats bad news. Only the first 4 titles from my list are sth like 1/10. Fidani spags have often “camp values” so they’re funny to watch :wink:
I know that some people consider “Professionisti per un massacro” “Ringo del Nebraska” “Fiume di dollari” or even “Ritorno di Clint Solitario” more than watchable.
I need to watch “Fiume di dollari” again.
“Ringo del Nebraska” is simply without spaghetti atmosphere imo. There is really annoying woman and Ken Clark is completely not my type of spaghetti hero.
But maybe it deserves a better rating.
“Professionisti per un massacro” has the worst role of Hilton I’ve seen. Of course there are some good moments but mixing “funny” scenes with serious scenes don’t work.
Gerard Herter “villain potential” is wasted, almost everything is wasted. And the ending is really bad.
What can I say about “Ritorno di Clint Solitario”? Its remake of “Clint el Solitario” with addition of Kinski role. I dont like the first movie so remake is a complete disaster.

(Mickey13) #175

Never liked Un fiume di dollari, too much American feeling if you ask me, but decidedly not one of the worst spaghetti ever. I tend to avoid garbage in the genre, I prefer searching for hidden gems, but if you want to watch Z-grade stuff, watch more Fidani, Batzella and Crea, these ones are said to be really bad. If I have some time, I’ll watch those flicks myself, I’m particularly interested in Fidani, haven’t seen one yet though.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #176

Adamm07 there’s a couple of films on your list that I happen to like.

But then again, I have El Puro at number 1 of my bottom 20 and everybody seems to like that film except me lol.

(tomas) #177

the bottom of my list (of 143 viewed SWs), so the first is the best and last the worst
pfew, i should really rewatch Sabata …

  1. Killer Kid – Leopoldo Savona
  2. Sabata
  3. Kid Vengeance
  4. Adios Gringo
  5. Wanted #
  6. Long Ride From Hell
  7. Revenge of Trinity
  8. Viva Django – Preparati la Bara – Baldi - #
  9. Django 2:Il Grande Retorno - #
  10. 32 Caliber Killer
  11. Stranger from Paso Bravo – Salvatore Rosso
  12. Black Killer
  13. Four Dollars For A Vengeance – Jesus Balcazar #
  14. Few Dollars For Django
  15. Seven Guns For MacGregors
  16. Johny Yuma – Romolo Guerriri
  17. Red Sun
  18. One More To Hell
  19. Minesota Clay
  20. Days Of Violence
  21. White Comanche
  22. Buddy goes West
  23. Genius and two companions
  24. Dynamite Jim
  25. Dead For A Dollar
  26. Bury Them Deep
  27. A Man Called Amen
  28. His Name Was King
  29. Cjamango
  30. One Damned Day At Dawn – Django Meets Sartana
  31. Little Rita of the West

(chameleon) #178

Tomas, are you kidding! There’s a lot on that list that is not bottom 20 in my view.

(Bad Lieutenant) #179

Interesting list. I would place none of them in my bottom 20, except Kid Vengeance.

(Mickey13) #180

[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:176, topic:1486”]Adamm07 there’s a couple of films on your list that I happen to like.

But then again, I have El Puro at number 1 of my bottom 20 and everybody seems to like that film except me lol.[/quote]
I have to re-watch that one, but right now I have an uncut version and it looks MUCH better, the editing isn’t that sloppy and everything seems to work (in its own way ;)).

[quote=“tomas, post:177, topic:1486”]2. Sabata

  1. Viva Django – Preparati la Bara – Baldi - #[/quote]
    Isn’t it an exaggeration? ??? Sabata is cartoonish and fun and Baldi’s Preparati la Bara! is a decent average western.