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(autephex) #261
some more: kill the wicked kid terror of the west death sentence the hills run red this man can't die the white the yellow and the black execution tex and the lord of the deep shadow of sartana shadow of your death kid vengeange wanted fort yuma gold a sky roof full of stars roy colt and witchester jack

alright now that list is just offensive :smiley:

(sartana1968) #262

don’t worry friend i have more 8)

(Bad Lieutenant) #263

Just name the good ones. Less work.

(chameleon) #264

@death sentence
the hills run red
this man can’t die
fort yuma gold
kill the wicked

I like these titles, for me they’re not bottom 20 that’s for sure.

(jesse james) #265

If I remember right, Alex Cox was claiming that even the Leone films would not be as good had it not been for Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood who reduced the dialogues by half…

(jesse james) #266

I liked the film Execution, I don’t know if I’m the only one…!

(chuck connors brother) #267

I liked it as well, at least the Italian language version

(autephex) #268

Execution has been one of my top spaghs since first viewing, an opinion that doesn’t seem to be shared much

(Bad Lieutenant) #269

Execution is a boring affair that lacks in, well… execution really. The gunfight in the saloon and the Israeli landscapes are the only things refreshing about it. Gori’s music is good, but totally out of synch with the visuals. Fidani sure made better use of it. John Richardson isn’t much of a lead here.

Wouldn’t place it in my Bottom 20 though. There’s way worse out there. Dig deeper!

(tomas) #270

hm! i’m going to watch Execution

(Marvin W. Bronson) #271

I see that ANY GUN CAN PLAY has reared its head on a few lists.

Is it that bad?

I’ve never seen the film, though I do have an interest in checking out it opening. Other than that, and the fact it’s a spaghetti oater I’ve never seen, have me intrigued.

Unless it’s really that terrible… :o

(Bill san Antonio) #272

Any gun can play is good fun, definitely not among the worst. I think some people had it in their top20 lists too.

(Stanton) #273

Yes it’s a good one. Flawed, yes but fun to watch.

Not exactly people’s perception of a top 20 SW. It got exactly 1 point. (Don’t ask me now how often it was named, I had to check again)

(autephex) #274

Any Gun Can Play is good spaghet

(tomas) #275

AGCP is okay spaghie with some great bits and bytes, and i mean especially money shower in the end - hilarious

(chuck connors brother) #276

The fight scene with the circus music is probably the lowest point of the film

(Marvin W. Bronson) #277

Thanks for the positive feedback! I’ll add it to my next order.


I absolutely agree!

(Marvin W. Bronson) #279

I just watched the beginning on youtube. Looks pretty darned good!

(Stanton) #280

Yeah, but it is easily the best scene of the film.