Vote for our official bottom-20

(Mickey13) #241

Well, that would be an interesting Top 20. :slight_smile:

(sartana1968) #242

my really really worst SWs
the specialists
a barrel full of dollars
acuasanta joe
take a hard ride
beyond the law
django kills softly
reverendo colt
lucky luke
my name is nobody
the beast
the tramplers
vengeange is a colt 45
django and sartana’s showdown in the west
sonny and jed
too much gold for one gringo
they call me trinity
the crazy bunch
sartana kills them all
clint the stranger
rytern of the shangai joe
rita of the west
dynamite jim
the price of power
four of the apocalypse
i came i saw i shot
red blood yello gold
price of death
django and sartana are coming it’s the end
god forgive’s his life is mine
between the god the devil and the winchester
a reason to live a reason to die
jonathan of the bears
long live your death
deaf smith and johny ears
raise your head’s , dead man, you re ander arrest
gatling gun

imposible to make a top 20 worst, the crappy ones are more than a 100

(autephex) #243


Ya got several titles in there I consider very watchable, if not quite good.

Taste is a funny creature.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #244

Sartana1968, no Once Upon a time in the west? I thought you hated that one too!

(alk0) #245

More than a 100 bad ones? Are you sure you like SWs? :wink:

(jesse james) #246

I agree with autephex. Some of these titles are at least watchable. Four of the apocalypse is even among my top 20! And its surprising you have Sartana kills them all in your bottom 20 since as far as I remember you’re a huge Garko fan… :o

(Stanton) #247

Is this a sequel?

(sartana1968) #248

sorry i write it wrong
’my name is nobody’

(sartana1968) #249

wait to see my full collection of the good ones :wink:

(sartana1968) #250

yes a lot but not zoo much like those

(sartana1968) #251

watchable for you not for me :wink:

(ENNIOO) #252

[quote=“autephex, post:243, topic:1486”]???

Ya got several titles in there I consider very watchable, if not quite good.

Taste is a funny creature.[/quote]

Some top twenty stuff in there for me :wink: .

(sartana1968) #253

director makes a good movie not the actor :wink:

(Bill san Antonio) #254
director makes a good movie not the actor ;)
That's like stanton talking. :)

(tomas) #255

some favorites SWs of mine in sartana1968’s bottom list, even some TOP 20 material …
well, we agree to Clint The Stranger for sure

(Stanton) #256

Yes, actors are cattle, like Hitchcock once uttered. :wink:

(autephex) #257

I take it Stanton is no Hindu :smiley:

(Stanton) #258

Not in this life.

(I added a smiley in above post. Better safe than sorry)

(sartana1968) #259

some more:
kill the wicked
kid terror of the west
death sentence
the hills run red
this man can’t die
the white the yellow and the black
tex and the lord of the deep
shadow of sartana shadow of your death
kid vengeange
fort yuma gold
a sky roof full of stars
roy colt and witchester jack

(Bad Lieutenant) #260

… all that and you managed to NOT mention Trinity & Sartana???