Vigilante Western Collection – Quality?

Hi i’m new to SWs and I was thinking about buying the Vigilante Western Collection, I was wondering if anyone knew what the quality of each film is? Thanks.

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I had the Vigilante Collection (I’ve still got the Gunslinger Collection). The quality’s not perfect but it’s not bad at all for a cheap starter set. I’d advise you though to ditch your plans for the Vigilante Collection and go for the Spaghetti Western 44 Movie Collection instead. Not a lot more money but a lot more movies (and all of the movies on the Vigilante Collection are on the 44 Movie Collection). On there you’ll find some good movies, some great movies, and more than a few crap movies. :slight_smile: Film quality is never greater than adequate, often resembling the experience of watching the film on YouTube on a ropey connection, but it all adds to the fun of Spags for me. They’re perfectly acceptable startoff points anyway, from whence you can decide if you want to pursue individual DVD/blu-ray copies of Keoma, Mannaja, Grand Duel, Django Kill, Four of the Apocalypse etc.

And if your budget ever stretches to it I thoroughly recommend this, the best box set you can buy:

I did not check disc 1 as have both films on separate (propably far superior) releases. Disc 2 is terrible, quality in “and god said to cain” is awful and shanghai joe something like 4th generation vhs copy. I would not recommend this even if price 1$. On positive side it made me purchase wild east god said to cain(movie is fantastic) and I started to collect other their releases too.

Yeah, what he said.

The Dead or Alive Western set is also a good starter. I believe all the films are in widescreen. They’re not as well known as Keoma etc. but they’re great to watch. Something you should know, though, is that the copy of Black Killer wasn’t encoded right or something and it skips frames rather jerkily throughout (at least when I bought it when it first was released in 2010 perhaps they might have corrected that by now).

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