Vengeance / Joko, invoca Dio … e muori (Antonio Margheriti, 1968)


Just rewatched this,

I still think the shootout at the Sheriff’s office and the finale in the cave go on too long. But I love the look and feel of the film, It’s nice and gritty.

@The_Man_With_a_Name You’re a huge fan of this film, sir. What is it that draws you in so much?

(The Man With a Name) #142

Just the whole atmosphere. I love pretty much everything about it. I’ve watched it so many times now and never seem to get bored. It’s a nostalgic film for me, as well, since it was one of the first spaghettis that I watched.


Re-watched this one last night and it’s still one I rank highly even though i deffo prefer And God Said… Plot is almost too familiar but Margheriti’s style and the casting of the hero and the vilain make it a good one.

Quick question; does anyone know if this films script was based on Harry Grey’s ‘The Hoods’? I’ve never actually read the book but I have seen ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ (obviously) and I noticed some similarities between the two films; they both revolve around a group of allies who take part in a heist which ends up going pear-shaped where one of the main characters friends appears to have died, only to be alive and well which inevitably leads to them becoming enemies. What happens afterwards is pretty different and Vengeance is obviously a lot shorter than …America but these events which both films revolve around seem almost identical.

(Mickey13) #144

Just seen this one. It’s nothing special and from the very get-go, you know pretty much where it’s all going. With that being said, Margheriti’s direction is solid enough and makes for a decent watch. The story is your usual revenge tale with not too many surprises and practically the only thing that makes this one stand out is Camaso’s (over-the-top) performance, other than Margheriti’s satisfying rendition of course. I must say that there are plenty of dull moments in the middle section of the flick though and the storytelling is merely passable. Not too bad though. 5/10


I feel that way, I find it to be very… okay.

(Stanton) #146

You stole my thoughts …


A stronger leading man would have helped enormously - I really can’t take Richard Harrison seriously as an actor … Some of his roles are passable, just … he has such a bland face, but worse than that, his facial expressions and attempts at dramatics, even low key, just don’t convince.

As a whole I thought the movie ok … watchable for sure :grinning:

(Asa) #148

I like this one but it took me a few tries to entirely take to it, as much due to the blocky, lo-res YouTube rip I was watching as anything else. It’s good though, imo. Not great, but good.


A solid 7.5 for me.:angry:

(The Man With a Name) #150

10/10 for me. I absolutely love this film


Great iconic pre-drone :grinning: opening shot with long shadows filmed from above.

Anyone know for-certain :face_with_raised_eyebrow: exactly how that was shot? Balloon? Was it slowly zoomed out from a higher distance or was the camera ascending?

(chuck connors brother) #152

Yeah 10/10 as well… surprised by some Harrison comments, I thought he was perfect in the lead. That bar fight is one of my favourite scenes from any film.

(kevenz) #153

I actually enjoyed this one, it has a very gritty atmosphere