Vengeance / Joko, invoca Dio ā€¦ e muori (Antonio Margheriti, 1968)

What a great movie is this! It will surely pleaseantly surprise more experienced viewers who are already accustomed to not so good direction. I saw this for the first time when I had seen about 150 sw and wow Vengeance indeed was among the best looking of them all. Margheriti did an excellent job and put a lot of work to make it look good. It is a low budget movie, hardly any Spain but you wont probably notice that since the most of the movie takes place in a fine looking interiors. It has such a great atmosphere, great jazzy music + classical spanish guitar music. It is gritty and Harrison is tough mf. His eyes are esp. threating. I just thought the movie loses breath at the end. The last 20 minutes drag a little. The final duel in a mine is ok though and feels like it is a fight between a man and a devil. On the second view it does not get better but Iā€™d still say it must be better than And God Said to Cain which I was not even able to sit through for how boring it was (and Kinski is the most unlikeable sw hero)!

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