Vengeance / Joko, invoca Dio … e muori (Antonio Margheriti, 1968)

(scherpschutter) #101

All these pics made me rewatch this movie:


(tomas) #102

that wallpaper is pretty cool, hope something like that is in the movie (haven´t read your review yet, scherp)

(I love you M.E. Kay) #103

Nice review, scherp! One of those spaghetti I’d have to re-watch again, wasn’t quite convinced the first time around.

(Phil H) #104

I actually like this film quite a lot. But then I have a soft spot for both Margheriti and Harrison and always enjoy a bit of scenery chewing from a Volonte brother so no surprise there. Biases apart though, I still think this is a very good example of the genre. Not from the very top drawer for sure and not (for me anyway) quite as good as And God Said to Cain, but still well above average.

(sartana1968) #105

this one has nothing to do with ‘god said to cain’

(chuck connors brother) #106

It’s got the same director and a similar atmosphere

(sartana1968) #107

i know it has the same director but not the same atmospere at all


Yeah, I don’t see any similarities as far as the atmosphere is concerned. Still, a great spaghie and my favorite Harrison perfomance.

(Jimbo (The Lizard King)) #109

Can anyone tell me if the Image release is anamorphic?

I’ve come across a few for sale that were somewhat reasonably priced.

Very interested in checking this one out based on the comments here and the reviews in the DB.

(cochino) #110

Just watched this one and while it dragged a bit in the middle it’s a quite nice one. Above average for sure. The best thing about it was the cinematography and camerawork. The atmosphere that Margheriti managed to get through them is excellent, I really liked the mine setting although I agree with Scherpshutter’s review in that it’s a bit overlong and doesn’t pack enough punch. The character of Mendoza and the soundtrack were also great additions to the atmosphere.
Not a top 20 for sure, but a good one to reccomend to those who already went through the big classics and are trying to find something more out of the ordinary.

Btw, reading some info about this I found out about Volonte’s brother commiting suicide after killing another man. Weird stuff.

(ecc) #111

Image (top) / Code Red (bottom):

(Stanton) #112

The second one should be called Code Blue

(chuck connors brother) #113

Theres more detail in the codered images… the Richard Harrison interview was interesting, seems like he hates alot of people he worked with

(the_ugly) #114

From my first watch, thought it was decent enough, liked the first half, thought It got less entertaining toward the end. 3.5 stars.

(ecc) #115

I usually don’t mind Margheriti’s and Riccardo Pallotini’s habit of shooting with three zoom-happy cameras, but VENGEANCE has almost no interesting compositions.

(ENNIOO) #116

Just viewed this one again via the Code Red disc. Bit to much colour in the Code Red version for my liking. The film has a great start, but then some scenes are dragged out to long. A film I could easily trim by 10 minutes, but this has never been a favourite Harrison western for me. The interview with Harrison is the best thing about the disc for me, with such a refreshing change for a star not to be in love with his own bullshit.

(Bill san Antonio) #117

Probably Harrison’s best western. He’s very good here playing it very minimalistic which works well opposed to Camaso’s over-the-top act. Camaso’s Mendoza is one of my favorite sw villains with distinct look right out of the horror film and moaning weird phrases like “The gold i want is buried in the sky”. Like others have said film has a bit boring middle part, particularly the attack to the sheriff’s office isn’t that good scene and even though it’s not that long scene the film starts to drag here. Otherwise it’s well directed film which has a cool atmosphere and looks good. And the soundtrack is very effective.

I watched X-rated’s dvd which unfortunately has a bad picture quality on english version, looks like vhs.


For me, it is his best. I really like this Spagh, hope one day it will be in Blu-Ray.

(tarzan) #119

I liked this movie very much. Harrison looks lot like Ben Affleck and Camaso’s Mendoza reminded me on McDowell’s Alex from Clockwork Orange.
And beautiful Špela …

She stated in some old interview that she acted in 4 SW’s but I know only Testa o croce and this one.

(The Man With a Name) #120

Vengeance is in my top 20. I think it’s one of the best of the genre. I couldn’t find the X-rated German release, which is apparently uncut. I have the Image Entertainment DVD. What scenes are missing?