Vendetta at Dawn / Quel maledetto giorno della resa dei conti (Sergio Garrone, 1971)

Another disappointing effort from Sergio Garrone. Very typical plotwise with non-existant Spaghetti feel. Not an inch above average as far as i am concerned. 1.5/5 stars

Do you dislike Garrone’s westerns? I’ve only seen two but they were very good. No Room to Die and Django the Bastard. Haven’t seen this one though. But doesn’t sound good.

For me it was good enough to earn a solid 3/5

One of those later day spaghettis where nothing is happening. Eastman talks about revenge and getting even and all that stuff but doesn’t get on with the job until last 15 minutes or so. 1.5 / 5 sounds fair. At least it has Eastman & Hardin.

Does anyone know about English title “Terrible Day of the Big Gundown” that can be found from database? Sounds like a terrbile mistranslation to me. Never seen it used anywhere and books don’t know it either. Bootleg title or something?

The Italian title is :
Quel maledetteo giorno della resa dei conti

‘maledetto’ means ‘damned’, or ‘cursed’ (rather than terrible, a terrible day can be a rainy day as well)
La resa dei conti is the Italian title of what we call The Big Gundown

@ korano: I only like No Room To Die.

Even the title is generic on this one. Not to mention the ending which is a total failure.

I hope i will like this one. No room to die and django the bastard are two of my favorite SW’s.

We might be on the same wavelength here - I like both of the above and although I’m no big fan of Eastman - and despite the above negative comments - I rate this one as well - quite highly …

So …I hope you enjoy it …
and welcome amigo!

I had high hopes for Garrone after seeing No Room to Die and Django the Bastard but his other films haven’t been that good, just average stuff or worse.

I’ve got a vid by Garrone under the psuedonym Willy S. Regan - called The Outlaw Rider,
I’ve never watched it - or looked it up …
It must have another name - any ideas Bill or TH?

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:10, topic:1442”]I’ve got a vid by Garrone under the psuedonym Willy S. Regan - called The Outlaw Rider,
I’ve never watched it - or looked it up …
It must have another name - any ideas Bill or TH?[/quote]
That’s Se vuoi vivere… spara! / If You Want to Live, Shoot. Franco Cleef DVD-R project is also available but it’s not great - good vhs release might actually be better. Slightly below average effort, still better than Kill, Django… Kill First! or Vendetta at Dawn though. So I agree with Bill, most of Garrone’s films are just average or worse.

Thanks - I just looked it up as I’m a bit intrigued now, and I reckon this is worth a watch soon. I’ll get it transferred to dvdr next time I’ve got a mo. Funny - I’ve had this kicking about for ages but it’s lanquished pretty much ignored up til now. You never know tho’ - I’m hoping it’s a goodie despite the views otherwise. :wink:
We’ll see :slight_smile:

The movie features Ivan Rassimov so it cant be that bad i guess. I own the FC dvd myself, but havnt got around to watch it yet.

You must be a Ivan Rassimov fan. I haven’t seen any of him myself but we see Taste of Vengeance soon.

I have to agree with the 1th poster. This is a very slow and boring movie, complete without the spaghetti feeling. I have no idea why Sergio Garrone made this crappy movie, 2/5 stars.

I like the gritty low budget feel and that dramatic music everytime a bad guy appears on the screen… similar to Son of Django. This is my favourite Garrone movie, for some reason I can’t get through Django the Bastard, and I didn’t enjoy No Room to Die too much.

This is another one of many films that really interest me now. From what I gather about it, 45 minute character intro, late massacre scene, slow vengeance, and killing. Sounds like it goes against the norm which I seem to really appreciate in my spaghetti experience. I also dig slower ones like Shoot the Living… And it seems violent. Sounds cool.

Is there a cheap DVD or VHS available? ???

There is a fairly good quality German DVD release around. It has English audio but no mentionable extras. Uncut and in widescreen.

I have an eye on that release. I own too less of those brilliant NEW and Xrated DVDs…