Upcoming releases (Germany)





Carol Media is trash like Best, isn’t it?

But it is kind of all quiet on the western DVD front. ;D :wink:

yeah at least something :wink:

The “German Evidis”, mmmh??? :slight_smile:

Has anybody bought any of these?

One of the films was by Alfonso Brescia I noticed.

[quote=“Sebastian, post:1, topic:290”]http://www.cinefacts.de/dvd/db/details.php?id=28849




these aren’t out yet, they will be by tuesday.
that company doesnt have a website so i cant write and ask them for review issues

I would say it is the same “company”

So again cut crap? I mean, they are cheap, but the quality is cheap as well.

well i am not sure, i think the quality is getting better. but let’s wait for some reviews and infos from people who know those movies until we can decide wether they are good or bad. i mean, even E-M-S has some german-only & wrong-AR dvds in their lineup…

Sometimes the quality isn’t all that important, better to get to see the film in a cheap release than not at all, or what do you think?


updated. navajo joe is coming out next year

Navajo Joe will not be part of the SW Collection.

Similar to the Clucher film it will get a digi-pack release for a higher price (14,90 € possibly).

yeah most certainly. i dont see why navajo joe should be outside and big gundown and quien sabe in the collection… but i dont care as long as its Koch

These discs will be expected on 5th of December:
“Dove si spara di piu” a.k.a “The Fury of Johnny Kid” a.k.a. “Glut der Sonne” (Koch Media Western Collection #10)
"Una pistola per Ringo" a.k.a “Eine Pistole für Ringo” (Koch Media Western Collection #11)

[quote=“djvaso, post:15, topic:290”]“Una pistola per Ringo” a.k.a "Eine Pistole für Ringo"
http://www.kochmedia-dvd.com/?rid=946509935550539831616787[/quote]I hope they’ll release the Return of Ringo too. hmm, website says it has also english audio :slight_smile:

return is scheduled for 2009

A River of Dollars alias The Hills Run Red must be the third Spag for this date.
Return of Ringo will follow in spring. And of course Navajo Joe (outside the collection).

navajo joe will be 2009 as well yes.

too bad they don’t have a picture up of the ringo dvd yet, it might (!) be outside the collection as well?

According to info on SWWB it will be a part of collection [part #11]