Underappreciated / underrated Spaghetti Westerns

There are some Spaghettis that don’t get enough credit. Here are my thoughts about Spaghettis that most consider bad but I think are Underappreciated, and Spaghettis some think are good but don’t get enough attention,underrated. Two seperate lists. 1-10


  1. Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead (1971)
    This great western is often called boring or slow. Slow not boring is what it is. This film has a great music score, great atmosphere, great actors, and Klaus Kinski. It is definitley intentionally a smalll scale film. Almost having the feel of a minimalist Spagheti Western. But not really. I find it amazing how it capturs my attention so while so little is going on. Maybe it is the very straight forward dialiogue or the entrancing editingand music.Whatever it is, it is great. Also, it has some of the most convincing sand pit locations I’ve seen. I actually like sand pit locations though.

  2. Apocalypse Joe (1971)
    Thats right, I like it. I believe that it is often critisized for being slim on plot and long on action. True! But this is an action Spaghetti. Whenever I watch it, I don’t watch it to be entranced by the plot. I watch it for a good fix on action after watching Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead.It has great gunfights.The tworeasons to watch this film are gunfights and Steffen. Just sit back and enjoythe show.

  3. Acquasanta Joe (1971)
    C’mon, its not that bad!

  4. Sartana in the ValleyofDeath (1970)
    Ifind the plot very unique and it has some great touches and situations. Such as the hero who has all the guns and he villains with the horses. Great sandpits. ;D

  5. Beyond the Law (1968)
    Calledtooslow and too American. But I see the film as a tribute to the American westerns of the 50’s. It has a great combination of American and Euro western feel.

  6. Man: Pride and Vengeance (1967)
    I like Nero. I like Kinski. I like slow paced when it is called for, and Ilike the idea of setting a Spaghetti Western in Spain.

  7. Get Mean (1976)

  8. A Reason to Live, a Reasonto Die (1972)
    Coburn, Spencer, and Savalas. Great actors with Tonino Valerii. Great director. Reasonalbe slow pace with GREAT finale preceeded by nailbiting suspense.

  9. Man Called Noon (1974)
    Great camera, great theme, great atmosphere

  10. A Sky Fullof Stars for a Roof (1968)
    Fun little comedy Spaghetti with entertaining characters and a superb Morricone score


  1. Today it’s Me… Tomorrow You (1968)
    For those who care to haveseen it, it is a good movie that is well liked but not enough.

  2. Matalo! (1970)
    Most of us like it but not enough. IMO

  3. Bullet for Sandoval
    Its jus good, OK. But deserves more attention

  4. Drummer of Vengeance (1974)
    Well made film with strange porduction history deserves more attention.

  5. Duck,You Sucker (1971)
    The least liked of Leone’s westerns. Many love itbut again, not enough.

  6. The Specialist (1969)
    The least famous of Corbucci’s Western is probably the weirdest from this director. Almost all who have seen it like it but is not discussed enough. IMO

  7. Shoot, Gringo… Shoot (1968)
    Well liked but not enough.

  8. Taste of Death (1968)
    Very rare so thelack of thoise who have viewed it is understandably low but still needs more attention.

  9. California (1977)
    So much better the second time around. Feelings are often mixed but is still good.

  10. Those Dirty Dogs (1973)
    Not sure how most feel about it but it is definitely underrated.

From the 10 unapp. films I only like Shoot the Living, but I see it probably different as I wouldn’t call it a slow film.

#3 is not as bad as everybody says, but still average
#10 is probably a bit unapp but not that much
Haven’t seen #9

He he, the others are at best overapp as they deserve a bad reputation, if they haven’t one yet

The 10 underrated films are including 7 films I like much, or very much
#4 I haven’t seen yet, but I’m trying

We’ve often talked about the unpopular films of the big directors. So, there are are ccouple of them on the list, like the specialist, Navajo Joe or Duck you sucker.

From the others I especially like California. One of my top flicks, but many don’t like it for some reason. I don’t know why…

I haven’t seen your #1 Shoot the living … (!) Actually, your the first who really seems to love this film; there’s not to much attention for it on other sites (French, Italian). #10 (A Sky full of …) is an okay movie, half-serious, half-comedy. Beyond the Law is average in all departments, the rest is uninspired rubbish.

I don’t know if they’re really underrated, those films all have their own audience. Most of them are fine but definitely flawed movies, no masterpieces or potential top 10 material (not even Duck you sucker!), but well-worth watching

But the reputation of DYS is constantly growing, and I have meanwhile surprisingly often stumbled about the assessment of DYS as Leone’s best.

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I know, I know
You know what I said about beliefs, alet alone what Dirty Harry said about opinions …

The film always had a high reputation in Italy, much higher than abroad
This is what David Grieco has to say about it, in Giù la testa, il cinema di Sergio Leone (quoted by Camasio):

<< Giù la Testa is and will always be one of the greatest and most spectacular films in Italian cinema history. The absolute brilliant direction probably makes this Leone’s best movie, because here Leone proves that he is one of the few directors in the world who can direct both, and often at the same time, impressive masses and individual actors, lifting intimite or incisive details out of much larger and wider scenes, alternating panoramic and close-up scenes with unparalelled virtuosity >>

Yeah right, only that he did it more convincing in his previous films.
What does not work so well in DYS are the big action climaxes (bridge ambush, the finale). Also the 1st 3rd, before they arrive at Mesa Verde, is too long.

Well, it’s currently on #11 in our top 20, better than the for me preferable My Name Is Nobody (which I would call an underrated film, at least compared to FoD and FaFDM)

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:4, topic:1497”]Underappreciated:
I haven’t seen your #1 Shoot the living … (!) Actually, your the first who really seems to love this film;[/quote]

I love it as well! It’s one of Kinski’s best SW performances, maybe the best.

Well, then some of us have work to do … maybe KK best SW performance … that’s high praise

Trust me Scherp, it is a great film that has a very special quality. It is nearly impossible to bring to words which is why I had a lot of trouble writing it’s review. Klaus Kinski’s best Spaghetti Western performance no doubt. Giusseppe Vari is a great direcor here. Mario Migliardi’s talent is clearly showing as he delievers a beautifully strange score. Buy the Koch Media DVD as you probably willl or already have done. If you have it and have not \watced it yet, WATCH IT!!!

It is THE MOST underappreciated Spaghetti out there.

I have this Koch disc, liked it the first time, I need to watch it again :smiley:

It sounds to me like Night of the Serpent is very underated.

I have it on my watch pile, but I have so much crap to wade through.

Sometimes its better to eat the frosting rather than the bread.

Sorry if that sounds lame. I made it up on the spot and it sounded like the perfct time to say something that sounded so wise. If it does, I don’t know.

I know what you mean, but I do not want to be left with alot of bread.

True. But if you sell the bread, you can get more frosting.

But of course, you’ll never know until you taste it.

I think I would say Price of Death is a very underated movie. Surprising since Garko stars with Kinski. As I’ve said, great score even if it recycles from Matalo!. But if I wereto recycle any score,it would be Matalo!.

Wise words Korano.

The frosting of my garden is a thick pack of snow

Looks okay, but I don’t think I’m going to taste it

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:18, topic:1497”]The frosting of my garden is a thick pack of snow

Looks okay, but I don’t think I’m going to taste it[/quote]

Wise words indeed Scherpschutter ;). Cold here aswell, but better pluck up the courage and go out as have a few parcels to post.

Not by me!

Valley of the Gwangi for instance :smiley: