[UK/FR/Germany] MGM Fistful of Dynamite SE

This topic is to discuss the Special Edition (or Gold Edition in Germany) of Sergio Leone’s Fistful of Dynamite (aka Duck You sucker, aka Todesmelodie).

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I know you poor people won’t get this DVD before christmas, or maybe even only in 2006. But if you have a Region Free or Multiregion DVD player, just head over to www.ebay.com and trust me they are selling the UK edition like crazy there you can get it for 12 bucks or something it’s crazy!

The UK Edition is slightly cut by 1 second or so, due to UK policy on animal cruelty (horse falls!)

This DVD features the restored and remastered version of the original Italian cut (at least as close to it as they possible could restore it) which is over 20 minutes longer than the initial version that was available prior to this one.


  • Audio commentary by Sir Chris Frayling
  • Documentary: The Myth of the Revolution
  • Documentary: Sergio Donati remembers Duck You Sucker
  • Documentary: The different versions
  • Documentary: Once upon a time in Italy
  • Documentary: Restoration, Italian style
  • Locations now and then
  • Radio spots
  • Foto gallery
  • Booklet (about 4 pages text max…)
  • Trailer

LANGUAGES (this counts for the GERMAN edition, UK info will follow):

  • English, German and Spanish in DD 5.1, Polish in 2.0 Mono
  • Subtitles: ESP, SW, FIN, NOR, DAN, Port, Gr, Slow, Kr, Engl, Germ.

RUNNING TIME (as on the cover of the German DVD): 150 min

This is only about 3 minutes longer than old releases (DVD and VHS), not 20. Or which other version are you referring to?

[quote=“Kitosch, post:2, topic:97”]This is only about 3 minutes longer than old releases (DVD and VHS), not 20.[/quote]Exactly! The basic difference between this version, and the one that was released about 12 months earlier by MGM, is the 3 minute long flashback at the end of the movie, which was missing from the earlier dvd.

The cuts made by the BBFC to the UK/FR release of the special edition amount to six seconds, not just one. (URL to BBFChttp://www.bbfc.co.uk/website/Classified.nsf/ClassifiedWorks/AC082414CA2ACB4A80256FBB0020CD9B?OpenDocument) The version released for the German market (identical to the Swedish and Polish ones) is uncut. The UK/FR had a much nicer packaging (foldout digipak) in its initial run, which has been superseded by a regular Amaray case.

ok six seconds, sorry :_)

it’s 20 mins longer than the initial US release. yeah the other dvd was 147 mins as well… no reason to not buy the special edition. Quality is awesome (I’ve had both dvds, sold the old ones) and the extras are nice too

[quote=“Sebastian, post:4, topic:97”]it’s 20 mins longer than the initial US release.[/quote] Now you’ve confused me. When has this ever been available on dvd in the US? ??? Or are you referring to any theatrical cuts of the movie?

The European releases have never missed much more than the 3 minutes of extended flashback at the end.

initial theatrical release. thats what it sais in the documentaries and in the booklets. The dvd releases always had the european cut on it which missed just a couple of minutes and scenes

Yeh, like i said in another thread this is a good edition.

I can’t for the life of me uderstand this ending though. Where the girl kisses both guys.

she’s undecided. but in the end she decides for Sean, that’s why John fucks him up with the soldiers and he gets arrested, out of jealousy

I always though he killed him becuase he gave all his friends away.

no HE gave him away (to the police) coz he was jealous. and that’s what corrupted his mind and so he went to mexico

I thought his friend was captured, then his friend gave everyone away. Which is why he;s pointing to people in the bar. And becuase of it he kills him.

ponders … or that way :_9

Thats how i saw it anyway, which would explain why he flee’s to mexico becuase he;s wanted for Homicie, and then gets caught up in the Mexican Revolution, which he can relate to the Irish one.

You are 100% officially right according to the special edition extras. He turned in Sean out of jealousy, nothing more or less. I think it makes for a more interesting story. This (the UK edition) was the most satisfying cut that I have viewed so far in terms of story line and editing. It is a definate must have. Sean, Sean…!

On the same line, does anyone know the name of the pub in Ireland used as the location for the arrest scene? I’m a bit of a location tourist when it comes to Spaghetti Westerns and I’d like to add it to the list of future visits.

Just visit any bar in dublin, they all look the same :smiley:

Also, i got that very edition a few days ago. And havnt had chance to watch anything (2 disc wise) myet. But whe i do, i will have a lot more understanding. Thanks by the way!

Toner’s Bar on Baggot Street

[quote=“Benito Alvarez, post:16, topic:97”]Toner’s Bar on Baggot Street[/quote] That’s the one. Interestingly, the only online reference I could find in connection with Leone was an interview with Martin Scorsese from the Irish Times[/url] (it’s on page 8 of the interview).

[url=http://www.dublinpubs.ie/pub.asp?id=680]Herehttp://members.cox.net/scorseseinfo/articles/IrishTimes1.html you’ll find some information about the place, this is what it looks like:

And everybody here should easily recognize this interior: ;D

I’ve got some questions concerning the Fistful of Dynamite (Todesmelodie) German Gold Ed.

  1. Are there forced German subs when viewing the film with the English track?
  2. Are the featurettes dubbed into German or in English with removable German subs?
  3. Are there English menus?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I didn’t notice this threadhttp://www.spaghetti-western.net/forum/index.php/topic,82.0.html before.

[quote=“EvaUnit02, post:18, topic:97”]1. Are there forced German subs when viewing the film with the English track?
2. Are the featurettes dubbed into German or in English with removable German subs?
3. Are there English menus?[/quote]

  1. no
  2. english with optional german subs
  3. yes

i have one to sell if you want one