Trinity Is Still My Name / … continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (Enzo Barboni, 1971)

Seeing as how this is the focus film for June I thought I should start a thread for discussion here.

I am not a huge fan of comedy westerns in general but, for me, the Trinity films are an example of how they can be done well. When I think of the spaghetti comedies I dislike it is usually because they are poor copies of these films and don’t live up to the standard set by Barboni, Hill and Spencer.

That said, I must say I prefer the first Trinity film to this one but it’s good fun none the less. The farting baby alone is worth the price of admission and Harry Carey Jr makes an unusual appearance which he carries off well I think.

Difficult to accept that this film outgrossed every other spaghetti by a country mile though. It’s good, but it ain’t that good.

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I’m with you on the Trinity films, Phil!
I think they, along with MY NAME IS NOBODY and the first Hallelujah film, are the only comedy Westerns I can honestly say I enjoy.

I am not at all sure why, but I tend to very slightly prefer the second Trinity film to the first.
Has anybody ever seen this one? - I’m not very partial to those late comedies, but this one hails from 1964…

Well as I think I have said in another thread I prefer the first film, and do not rate the second one.

I’ll second that, the first movie is clearly the best… Tighter story and overall just a bit more funny :slight_smile: Even watched the two Trinity-movies with my wife and son on two who also voted for number one… Trinity Is Still My Name starts fine but in the end you just want it to be over. If the movie had been a half hour shorter it would have done it a lot of good.

Does the 126 min version excist in English???

Quite honestly, after seeing the first film in this series (THEY CALL ME TRINITY), I was a little underwhelmed, perhaps sold out by my own high hopes. That pic was the breakthrough buddy-comedy-western smash that made Hill and Spencer into superstars. I enjoyed it, liked its meandering pace and whimsical attitude, but was not blown away.

Now, after having seen the follow-up, I get it. Everything that was kinda shaggy, kinda loosey-goosey about the first film has been finely groomed here and the difference is notable. The story plays out slowly but steadily, with proper amounts of both slapstick and action, not to mention some damn fine slapstick action.

Spencer’s Bambino is introduced first, duping a group of crooks out of their freshly cooked beans in hysterical fashion. Not long after the thugs have regrouped from the incident, along comes Hill’s Trinity to do the same exact thing! These two gags set the tone for things: The two protagonists are never cocky or cruel in getting their way; rather they use their charm, and occasionally, Spencer’s beefy fists if necessary.

The boys head back home in time to hear their father’s deathbed wish, that they work together to find their way in the world, rather than constantly bickering. Their resulting adventures lead them to aid (repeatedly) a lost farming family, pose as federal agents, and get involved in a monks-versus-gunrunners battle.

The general spirit of the film is kind and genial, and for this reason it reminded me of the films of Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong heyday. Much attention is paid to intricate gags (several involving food); there are numerous well-staged and complex fistfights; even a running bit with a flatulent baby that would have seemed right at home in a JC flick.

Terence Hill’s Trinity is a happy-go-lucky layabout that is too lazy to even ride his own horse (he prefers to be dragged slowly behind on a makeshift cot). Trinity is handsome, charming, funny … a great character to be sure. Hill is capable of doing intense (e.g., VIVA DJANGO), so his embodiment of Trinity speaks as much to his acting chops as it does his personal charisma. As for big Bud Spencer, as Bambino he is the sour to Trinity’s sweet. Perennially grumpy, the character owns an underlying air of geniality that seems at odds with his willingness to swing his fists around. You get the feeling Bambino begins each fight with a big resigned sigh, as if he’d really rather be elsewhere. The two actors had appeared together in films several times before this series, but it was the Trinity and Bambino personas that really clicked with audiences of the day.

So if you are curious about the fuss over TRINITY, I’d just as soon recommend that you skip right to TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME to get the full gist of Spencer and Hill at their best. 8/10 stars.

I don’t really like comedy westerns… except for this one. Better than Blazing Saddles, the poker scene alone is worth a few stars.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to rate this film at first, because on my top 20 list I have films ranked higher that I rated under 5 stars, but then I realized that I simply had to give this film 5 stars, because – for what it is – it is some kind of perfection. A comedy epic.

I prefer the first one as well. 5 stars for the first one, 3 for this.

better than the first one

Agreed, I felt there were more, and better, jokes in this one. But maybe more important than that, right from the beginning the second movie created this really great, relaxed, ready-for-comedy mood. I think part of it was that no one was killed in this one.

I agree, better than the first, and was more successful in the box office, but nowaways, the first one is the more famous film.

One of the few sequel’s that are better than the original…Funnier at least :slight_smile: Ok. Who are the wise guys that gave this movie 1 star? Seriously? Are you contributing anything to the thread or just instigating?

LOL there are people who even gave the Leone films one star.

Maybe one thing about this one that loses a point for me is the whole baby flatulence joke that they revisit over and over, and the ending is basically the same as the first one imo.

Agreed on the baby and the ending, the only reason I still gave this 5 stars is because I felt the bar scene and a few other things offset it.

Ah sorry, I liked the first Trinity… and I don’t usually give 1 star, but I gave this 1 star a couple of years ago. Just remember feeling it was a mess and I didn’t find it funny (might be because I lost track of the story), and it just didn’t feel like a spaghetti western to me (looking back at clips, don’t know how I could think that)…

I remember I felt really drained after that long fistfight at the end outside the church… and there were some other things I didn’t like, like the bowler hats, the romance scenes, and just so many fist fights.

I do love the opening song though.

As I said its rare I give anything 1 star, so this must have rubbed me the wrong way at the time.

Fair enough :slight_smile: I’ve only seen the German version and I thought it was hilarious…Maybe the English dub loses something. I thought there were so many funny scenes…The restaurant was my personal favorite.

Yeah the restaurant scene is pretty funny. I like how they shock all of the rich people with their bad table manners.

it has also benito stefanelli and franco ressel inside