Trinity and Sartana Are Coming / Trinità e Sartana figli di … (Mario Siciliano, 1972)

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OK i finally finished this film today. It has taken me three sittings to see it through. As per my last reply above it is still bad. More to point out though. The gatling gun in the piano is a nice spag western touch but because of the trerrible cropping of the film to make it widescreen you hardly see the gun when Sartana is firing it so that is spoilt. Then near the end three Sartana types turn up together, all dressed as Garko’s style of Sartana, all bad guys. Again another good spagetti touch but it does not raise the game of the film. Then that final fight scene in the bar just goes on and on and on and on and on. Now although I have watched many spag wests i aint seen no trinity films yet so i am not familiar with the so called ‘comic’ westerns yet which this film claims to be.
This film is as bad as everyone says. The widescreen cropping to full screen has characters talking who have been cut from the end of the picture. Very very bad. Dont watch it till u run out of other films.

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Not exactly the ideal film to become interested in SW world, can be a demanding challenge for fans given to every vice ;D

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why oh why oh why has this film got a special review on the database main page now. it is the worst SW i have ever seen, as i have said before. and may of you agree i know. i despair.

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Okay, in an act of courage I’m going to watch this one tonight!

I’ve already watched the “twin movie” Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God, Seven Nuns in Kansas City and recently The Crazy Bunch - not to mention a couple of inferior Zabalza westerns - so I really have nothing to fear! ;D

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Brave man :smiley:

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There is no doubt that the wrong AR (4:3 instead of 2.35:1) penalizes the film, in any case I agree with IMDb users, in my opinion this one is certainly preferable to Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God.

More generally is preferable to all the aforementioned ones, for two reasons: a silliness rate (concentrated mainly in the already mentioned, overlong saloon brawl) all things considered below the SW comedies average and some unexpected ingredients, going into detail dream state parenthesis by the sea related to Trinity’s Saudade, references to man’s destiny and what is really important in life :o, the protagonists reflecting on how expectable/predictable stage coach holdups are now and commenting on the musical score during a ride, horses that stop with tires screech.

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I saw the German DVD for this and it shows Dell’Acqua on a Gatling gun. Does such a scene actually occur in the movie? Cause it would raise my interest in sitting trough this from not to mildly interested.

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I think the Halleluja and Sartana film is way better, but that itself doesn’t say anything really.

If I’m not mistaken there’s a widescreen version of Trinity and Sartana available on the web, ripped form tv if memory serves me correct, but it’s in Italian. I will only bother with this one in oar and fan dubbed, or -subbed, as it’s already such a piece of shit to begin with.

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Yes but from a light hearted perspective, nothing bloody.

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Screenshots are online !!!

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fuckin hell

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Just re viewed this one. Not sure why, but I did. What can I say what has not been said already…er this one is super shit :grin:

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This one and The Fat Brothers, which of the two options do you prefer? :smile:

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This one for sure. Its just so silly and I do like the theme song :grinning:

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Well at least there’s a nice widescreen fandub available but this one is still stuck in my bottom 10. @JonathanCorbett, I’m a little hazy on Giancarlo Ukmar. Is this him on the left? If so the only one missing would be Giovanni.

I did not see Andrea Scotti.

(JonathanCorbett) #37

Yes, it’s him. Apparently we have a wrong Database pic (from Se vuoi vivere… spara!) for Franco…

Giovanni is in too as saloon brawler (see below), no sign of Scotti.

Goffredo Unger, credited as master of arms, is always off camera (unlike Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God, in which fight arranger is Rinaldo Zamperla).

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What! Who is it? I went back to look at that scene and it looks like classic Franco to me.

(JonathanCorbett) #39

You’re right, the fact he’s chewing kind of threw me off but that’s exactly him. Right pics from Django il bastardo (1969)

Comparison: Sergio, Franco and Giancarlo

I have now read Franco Ukmar died a few days ago, so R.I.P. Franco.

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So the one I couldn’t identify in Django il bastardo is Giancarlo. I’ll have to clear my mind to be more subjective as I still see Franco as Rod in Se vuoi vivere… spara!.[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:39, topic:2308”]
I have now read Franco Ukmar died a few days ago, so R.I.P. Franco.
RIP Franco