Trinity and Sartana Are Coming / Trinità e Sartana figli di … (Mario Siciliano, 1972)

First things first: get past the exploitive title, as this has no bearing on either the Terence Hill “Trinity” or the Gianni Garko “Sartana” series. You’ll notice straightaway that Trinity is played by a black man (given his name, it is quickly explained, because he hails from Trinidad). And Sartana, although a handsome blonde, is more vagabond scoundrel than Garko’s finely-dressed card-sharp. At least the two men are called by their titular names in the picture, which is untrue of some cash-in Western characters.

You’ll find the film to be an affable, meandering, buddy-western comedy with no grand aspirations, but yet an agreeable watch for the genre fan.

The loose plot of the pic has our two partners-in-crime planning various schemes in order to line their pockets, and specifically to raise the $5000 necessary for Trinity to return to his homeland. Along the way, our heroes encounter the usual bumps in the road: crooked town bosses, pretty girls with bottles of wine, crusty old traveling musicians, Mexican bandits, etc. After numerous starts and stops, their final heist involves robbing a stagecoach headed for the US/Mexico border.

Despite the impediment of dubbed performances, I was quite enamored of Harry Baird as Trinity and Alberto (“Robert Widmark”) Dell’Acqua as Sartana. Widmark, who we can only assume took his stage name from his slight resemblance to Richard Widmark, is a fresh-faced, grinning SOB who brings a spirit of mirth to his antics. He is also quite adept at acrobatic hand-to-hand combat and leaping stunts, bringing to mind Jackie Chan during the film’s various brawls. Baird is more the straight man, with deadpan one-liners and reaction shots appropriately scattered throughout the proceedings.

A “funny”, circus-like theme (by Carlo Savina) repeats here and there just to remind us not to take any of this too seriously – the music is infectious and is one of the film’s assets.

I saw a cropped, non-pan&scan version (101min) of this on a budget DVD, which detracted from the experience a bit. Don’t know if a widescreen version is to be had anywhere but would be a great improvement.

TRINITY AND SARTANA, THOSE DIRTY SONS OF B****** (as the on screen title reads) plays as a genial, unimposing Spaghetti Western buddy comedy. Taken in the correct spirit it serves its purpose, led along by its two fine leads and a what-the-heck attitude. 6/10.

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Forgettable unfunny comedy imo. 6/10 is generous rating, I’d go with something like 2-3/10

One of the worst Spaghetti westerns I have seen. Unfunny and boring.

Bawtyshouse’s review is good though - welcome brother.

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Siciliano made two comedy westerns, this one and very similar Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God…_Dio. I think the Alleluja & Sartana was better of the two, mainly because of hilarious villain Wolf.

Now why did I subject myself to this? I really didn’t have a good reason to watch Trinity and Sartana… Those Dirty S.O.B.s, I didn’t know who was the director or who were the two leads, I don’t particularly like the spaghetti western comedies and I only discovered that Daniela Giordano was in it while watching the film. I guess I just wanted to get rid of the most foul looking spaghetti I had in my collection. I certainly hope this is the worse one that I own, because it’s definitively the worse one that I’ve seen. I admit it was not as insultingly bad as I thought it would be, but it was still mind-numbingly unfunny and boring. A few moments of comedy almost worked, mainly because of the sheer stupidity or insanity of some of the characters (El Tigre, a seemingly insane pianist who mumbles “Tchaikovsky” to himself and a very un-politically correct retarded henchman), but while I say that, I didn’t even smile once for the whole duration of the movie, even less laugh. Ok, there was moment I thought was kind of funny, Trinity says “And it’s too bad, because Louisiana is supposed to be very pretty.”, Sartana responds “Heh! I’m much prettier and there is 200 dollars on my head!” and finally Trinity says “Hum, yeah, that’s true.”, Sartana looks shocked that he agrees. But the majority of the time it seems like they’re not even trying, it gets so unfunny you wonder if it was meant to be funny (and thus a half-funny moment stands out a lot). Alberto Dell’Acqua and Harry Baird didn’t seem to have much chemistry and Daniela Giordano wasn’t in the movie nearly enough. Carlo Savina’s score was pretty lame too.

A simply awful film, no real redemptive factor and so boring you might cry.

PS : Anybody knows if the Sartana played in Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God by Alberto Dell’Acqua is the same character than in this one? Because this has the chance to be the worse spaghetti western series there is!

EDIT : Well, what the hell? I checked before to see if there was already a thread for the film and didn’t find anything while writing the different names of the movie in the search bar and now I found one… . This film certainly doesn’t warrant two threads, sorry!

I just the read the heading of this thread and just let out a stream of expleatives that someone has reminded me of this piece of crap! >:( you redeemed yourself somewhat when i read your thread to find out you hated it :slight_smile: there can’t be a normal person out there who has seen this shit that even remotely likes it surely? :-\ a cinematic crime against mankind and if i had been unlucky enough to see this as the first SW i had ever seen, i would never have touched the genre again with the rev’s prayer book! :slight_smile: thanks for bringing back the nightmares, easily the worst spaghetti western i have yet seen. you have been warned!

[quote=“I love you M.E. Kay, post:6, topic:2308”]A simply awful film, no real redemptive factor and so boring you might cry.

EDIT : Well, what the hell? I checked before to see if there was already a thread for the film and didn’t find anything while writing the different names of the movie in the search bar and now I found one… . This film certainly doesn’t warrant two threads, sorry![/quote]

Hee Hee you beat me to it. Just thinking ‘why has such a dreadful film got two threads?’ meself.

Wow, M.E. Kay, you must’ve been very bored. lol I think this is in the mill creek 20 film DVD set…I watched about 5min then turned it off.

You’re right of course. This film hardly warrants one thread, let alone two.
Topics now merged. :slight_smile:

You guys almost make me curious …

Sometimes view films again to see if they have remained crap, but feel not the need on this one.

Aha, sorry for bringing back bad memories! This sure is a wretched film, but I was expecting it to make me angry, in the end it just almost put me to sleep (and made me thirsty, I had my mouth open in disbelief for a good part of the movie).

Got it from the same source, but from the 250 westerns pack (yeah, I have that!). I was planning to watch another movie, but it was getting late and I didn’t feel like I could stomach a 3 hour film, so I took a look at my Mill Creek DVDs, saw this one and thought : “This look absolutely atrocious… I’m gonna watch it”. Worse decision, I took since a long time!

For the love of God, scherp, don’t watch it, it will kill your soul! ;D

Yeah, I don’t think I will revisit this one ever again.

Maybe we should just delete this thread and act like this movie never happened, lol!

When I was small they told me the soul was immortal, later they told me there was no such thing as a soul, so I might as well … one day … not too soon

I’m on hit and run mode.

But anyway you can all watch Siciliano porn flicks, it’s like they say, no luck in SW lucky in love ;D

He made porn? Maybe Trinity and Sartana… Those Dirty S.O.B.s would have been better if it was a porno!

In any case this film in Portugal was sold/rented like if it was a Trinitá film so if not famous, at least was normally rented at the video clubs. Trinitá in Portugal works in a similar way to Django in Germany

Forgot to mention the 10 minutes saloon brawl, is there any longer scene like this in all of spaghetti-land? I hope not!

The movie is pretty much unwatchable, even when intoxicated. There is a widescreen version around, but in this case probably won’t make much of a difference. Like Bill said the Halleluja & Sartana film is way better, but in comparison to this piece of crap that doesn’t say much. One of the absolute worst spaghetti westerns, maybe even the worst.

I started watching this film yesterday. Forced myself through about 40 mins before i realised life was passing me by. I agree with all of you above. It is baaaaad. Having saaid that I will finish it just to say i have done it. I watched White Comanche the day before as it happens, another film with bad reviews but in this case it is mostly undeserved and not too bad.