Top movie car chases

Like duels & shoot outs in westerns, car chases have been popular in non western films for decades. What would be your list of most memorable ones?

easy. “Bullet” & “The French Connection”

[size=2][size=1]In order of preference:

  1. To Live and Die In L.A.

  2. Blazing Magnum.

  3. The Seven Ups.

  4. Vanishing Point.

  5. The Master Touch.

  6. The Burglars.

  7. White Lightening.

  8. Dirty Mary Crazy Larry.

  9. Mad Max 2.

  10. Violent Naples[/size].[/size]

Never thought the car chase in French Connection was that special.

  1. Special Cop in Action
  2. Bullitt
  3. Mad Max 2
  4. Violent Rome
  5. High Crime
  6. Violent Naples
  7. For Your Eyes Only
  8. Blues Brothers
  9. Ronin
  10. Bullet in the Head

There’s been so many since then, with many trying to top the previous ones, that today these may seem dated, but at the time, seeing Bullitt and FC on the big screen when they came out, was very exciting. Those two will always be my favorites.

For Your Eyes Only is nice for sure :wink: .

What about newer films?

The Car Chase in Matrix 2 is brilliant.

  1. Bullitt (shot in real time, set the standard, McQueen is actually driving)
  2. Blues Brothers (“they got everything in here”)
  3. French Connection (car not chasing a car but a train through the NY el’s)
  4. Ronin (best high speed action through small spaces)
  5. To Live & Die In LA (driving the wrong way on the freeway)
  6. Seven Ups (best unknown car chase)
  7. Dead Pool (most creative car chase scene)
  8. It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (best comedy car chase)
  9. Mad Max (straight away chasing action)
  10. Death Proof (I want to keep this off my list but I just can’t)


Smokey & The Bandit, Cannonball Run, Vanishing Point, Road Warrior

The Bourne movies have some good car chases in my opinion

And Quantum of Solace, which surprisingly is a masterpiece btw. The opening car chase is beautiful. Mind blowing.

I strayed away from CGI chases. What makes some of my chosen classics to me are the fact that they are shot in real time, at high speeds. The fact that it is actually dangerous makes them that more amazing to me (especially McQueen’s because he is driving).

  1. Special cop in action
  2. Mad Max the road warrior
  3. Violent Rome
  4. Blazing Magnum
  5. Le Marginal
  6. Vanishing Point
  7. High Crime
  8. Violent Naples
  9. The French Connection
  10. Cannonball

Here is my favorite
notice the arrest at the end of the chase :smiley:

CGI is not for me…I want the real thing ;D .

It’s real hard to judge this scene seeing it now with all the special effects nowadays, but it took the Bullitt scene & cinema car chases to new heights. They are driving through NYC…real fast & that camera angle from the drivers perspective was cutting edge, especially for the viewer seeing a ride like that, first person. It’s also unique because he’s not chasing another car, but a train. Give it another viewing.

Not that real. They mostly use fast motion to make it look quicker. Bullitt also

Bullitt was real time

No, you can see that there are fast motion shots.

are you here for an argument?