Top 20 Spaghetti Western Songs

(Gunhed) #1

Well here is my top20 spaghetti western songs:

  1. The Good Bad & the Ugly Ecstasy of Gold: Love this song, meshes well with Tuco running in the graveyard Ennio

  2. The Good Bad & the Ugly Trio close to #1, love the final confrontation between Eastwood, Cleef and Tuco Ennio

  3. Once Upon a Time in the West C’Era Una Volta Il West Ennio This song really strikes an emotional cord when heard.

  4. Day of Anger main theme Riz Ortolani WOW, this song has a great short but effective instrumental.

  5. Il Mercenario Il Arena Ennio. Well great confrontational song.

  6. Long Days of Vengeance main theme. Ennio. Another great emotionally evoking song. great before a gunfight song.

  7. Navajo Joe After the End Ennio. Well great song for the ending.

  8. Navajo Joe Main Theme. Ennio. Great song

  9. Death Rides a Horse Main theme ennio

  10. Death Rides a Horse ending theme Ennio. One of the best ending themes. meshes perfectly well with Law riding off and giving that respectful nod to Cleef.

  11. Face to Face main theme Ennio.

  12. Blindman main theme Cipriani. Love this song. meshes well with the movie. I like the Indian shriek call.

  13. The Good Bad & Ugly main theme Morricone Well its great one of my faves but I’ve heard it so many times.

  14. Once Upon a time in the west harmonica Ennio

  15. Hellbenders Ending theme Ennio. OK it may be corny but evokative ending.
    16,. 1000 Dollari on the Lack. Great theme Lacarenza

  16. For A few Dollars More Music Clock Ennio

  17. Duck You sucker main theme Ennio

  18. Once Upon a Time n the west Addio Ennio

  19. A Fistful of Dollars Main Theme

Also like:Duck you sucker march of the beggars. Tepepa main theme, Companeros main theme

(scherpschutter) #2

Interesting list, Gunhed, but it’s more a Top 20 of tracks, than a Top 20 of songs.

I like most of the tracks you mention, but I’d rate La Resa dei Conti (the settling of the accounts) from For a few Dollars More much higher (I think that’s the track you have called ‘Clock’)

(Silence) #3
  1. Django
  2. A Coffin For the Sheriff
  3. Great Silence
  4. Mannaja
  5. A Bullet For Sandoval
  6. Duck You Sucker
  7. FAFDM
  8. FOD
  9. Sonora
  10. W Django
  11. Compañeros
  12. Requiem For A Gringo
  13. Death Played The Flute
  14. Il Mercenario
  15. Face To Face
  16. The Taste Of Killing
  17. Vengeance Is Mine
  18. Matalo
  19. Kill The Wickeds
  20. Black Jack

Fav composer: Francesco De Masi

(Gunhed) #4

Actually a lof of Spaghetti western stuff that really evokes emotion are tracks. Acrtually the For A few dolars more clock was a hard choice but got bumped down. If its in my top 20 I like them all.

My fave composer is Ennio Morricone but Riz Ortolani and Baclov are up there too.

There is a track called Road to Salinas by Christophe, this was used in Kill Bill vol. 2. It reminds me very much of a Spaghetti western track rather than a romance movie track.

Anyways as for songs, I did like the song moving on in Four of the Apocalypse.

(chuck connors brother) #5
  1. The Good The Bad and the Ugly (the trio)

  2. Dead Men Ride (opening theme)

  3. Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe (Pepper chewing gum)

  4. Duck You Sucker (Giù La Testa)

  5. For a Few Dollars More (Sixty second to what)

  6. Run Man Run (chase theme, in Scalps as well)

  7. Forgotten Pistolero (full main theme)

  8. Once Upon a Time in the West (Harmonica)

  9. The Good The Bad and the Ugly (Ecstasy of Gold)

  10. Tepepa (Viva La Revolucion)

  11. Navajo Joe (After the End)

  12. The Mercenary (L’Arena)

  13. Vengeance (Opening theme)

  14. Mannaja (Wolf)

  15. Four of the Apocalypse (Serene Moments)

  16. Bullet for the General (Ya Me Voy) (Fiesta en San Miguel)

  17. Too Much Gold For One Gringo / Go for Broke (Opening credit music)

  18. The Ugly Ones (Opening credit music)

  19. The Hills Run Red (Opening credit music)

  20. Keoma

(El Topo) #6

Nobody seems to like the Five Man Army main theme.


Oh I love it ! of the first Morricone western L.P’s I purchased after the Dollar scores.

(chuck connors brother) #8

Its a powerful theme, I like it a lot.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #9

If we’re talking about the “songs” I can’t think of a top 20 but I know what my favourite one is, the main song from Return of Ringo.

(Phil H) #10

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:9, topic:2508”]If we’re talking about the “songs” I can’t think of a top 20 but I know what my favourite one is, the main song from Return of Ringo.

100% agreed.

(Søren) #11

Without doubt the theme song from

Massacre Time:


Man from the East:

should be mentioned in this thread. Although there really is tons of good scores and theme songs for this genre.

(Bill san Antonio) #12

Good ones, Søren.

(Silence) #13

[quote=“Søren, post:11, topic:2508”]Without doubt the theme song from

Massacre Time:


Man from the East:

should be mentioned in this thread. Although there really is tons of good scores and theme songs for this genre.[/quote]
Yeah, I love both of those too

(Søren) #14

What can I say, I have immaculate taste :wink: I do have a weakness also for the aforementioned theme to Return of Ringo … Gives me goosebumps :slight_smile:

(Silence) #15

Yep, I think we have a lot to discuss about SW music ;).

(tb727) #16

Cool lists. I’m surprised no one has Bacalov’s Grand Duel, main theme music. That’s definitely in my top 10!

(Italo-West-Fan) #17
  1. The return of Ringo - Main Theme
  2. The Big Gundown- Main Theme
  3. Cowards don’t Pray - Main Theme
  4. FafDm - Sixty Seconds to Wait
  5. FafDm - Eye for an Eye (english and Italian Vocal Version)
  6. GBU - Ecsatsy of Gold
  7. Long days of Vengeance
  8. Duel in the Eclipse - Main Theme
  9. Blindman
  10. My Name is Pecos - Main Theme
  11. The Stranger returns - Main Theme
  12. Roy Colt & Winchester Jack - Main Theme
  13. Massacre Time - Main Theme
  14. Lanky Fellow - Main Theme
  15. The Great Silence - Main Theme
  16. Duck you Sucker
  17. The moment to Kill - Main Theme
  18. Johnny Hamlet - Main Theme
  19. Taste of Death - Main Theme
  20. Go for Broke - Main Theme

(Reza) #18

1.The Good The Bad The Ugly (main title)
2.A fistful of dollars (main title)
3.For a few dollars more ( Eye For An Eye )
4.Once upon a time in the west (harmonica)
5.Once upon a time in the west (Addio A Cheyenne)
6.Django (main theme)
7.Django (La Corsa)
8.The Good The Bad The Ugly (The gold)
9.The Good The Bad The Ugly (Il Triello)
10.A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe (Cavalcata per Elisa)
11.Keoma (harmonica)
12.Mercenario (main theme)
13.God’s gun
14.Viva Django
15.Django 2 1987 (Trailer music)

But i could not find the song of trailer in the soundtrack…
have fun.

(Jonny Powers) #19

As far as songs (with lyrics) go, my #1 would have to be A Gringo Like Me. Just evokes pure spaghetti throught ;D

Can’t think of a whole 20 though, maybe 10 if I did some searching. Ringo Rides Again for sure, The Sabata theme, The Yankee Fellow (from Taste of Killing), are good examples. Anyone got any others?

Edit: the Captain Apache song as well, only reason I ever bother to put that one in :smiley:

(JonathanCorbett) #20

I really like the Italian versions of Clayton from I Want Him Dead, Basta così from $10,000 Blood Money (but I definitely prefer the conluding words present in the movie to the version on record, not necessarily for their meaning but because they are sung with much more conviction) and Corri uomo corri from The Big Gundown: