TOP 100 Forum DVD Times

Predictable list maybe, but note that Once Upon a Time in the West beats The Good, the Bad and The Ugly:

There are some awful choices in the list. I only agree with the position of one film in the top 10 .

I don’t agree with anything in the list.

Not even the Spaghetti Western titles?

Although I love making lists of my own, I hate reading these lists.

I remember seeing a list of top 50 all time scream queens on the Fangoria website and Barbara Steele and Edwige Fenech were not on the list but Susan Surandan was!

Not the placing of them.

Well, these types of lists were voted by people, so you are always going to get popular movies over good films in the top spots.

This is a pretty superficial list, despite having several masterpieces in it.

Regarding the fact that it’s a kind of everyman’s list, it could have been worse…

True, Titanic could have got in the Top 10!


I’d like to say i disagree with most of the list but going through it i’ve only actually seen 31 of the films listed!

I’ve only seen 36 of the films listed, but what shocks me on closer examination is the places of some of the movies, such as Back to the Future at No. 12 or The Matrix beating Once Upon a Time in the West!

Or maybe one or both of the Twilight films! Might’ve happened if more teenaged girls voted!

The poll was conducted before the fist Twilight film came out. Still, if the poll was from last week, it might (i. e. will) have got in the top 20 if it was unlucky.

I’ve seen 89 of them.

Surprised there…I have seen 60.

I can beat this. 93

But maybe I have seen Spirited Away, don’t know the German title of this.

And Battle Royale is the film I have never heard of, and of its director.


Battle Royale is recommended, by the way. But knowing you a little stanton, I think you´ll like his yakuza flicks better. Graveyard of Honour is great.

I’ve only seen 24!