Too Much Gold for One Gringo / La caza del oro / Lo credevano uno stinco di santo (Juan Bosch, 1972)

Watched this this morn. And thoroughly enjoyed it.
A lightweight romp on the whole, with some typically nasty spaghetti violence thrown in. Bearing in mind this was released in the same year as Jesse and Lester, and Man of the East … when many a film slipped down that so-called ‘comedy’ cul-de-sac, this could have sunk into that post-Trinity nonsense. But, thankfully it doesn’t. It’s tongue is as stuck in its cheek as Steffen’s cheroot is stuck Clint-like between his pearly-whites. In fact, Steffen is as Clint-y as I’ve ever seen him - with words breathy, sparce and deliberate, and forced through that previously mentioned cheroot.
Silly, unlikely, but entertaining.
Oh, and Weisser’s description of the film way off mark again … (1974, Robert Hundar ???).
(And some fabulous big pendulous soapy breasts - but you’ll have to go to the appropriate ‘nudity …’ thread for those…) ;D

Great title to this one ;D.

One of the biggest laughs I’ve had watching these things is the scene where the “partner” charatcer (can’t think of the actor’s name right now, which I am ashamed of) falls down the chimney and emerges from a fireplace totally covered with soot & all you can see are the whites of his eyes.


For you then Bro’ Squo …
(Oh and Daniel Martin plays Jose, but I had to check the sleeve.)

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One of my favourite westerns from Spanish directors, this is sort of a Man With No Name meets Cuchillo adventure with Steffen and Daniel Martin (who was the father of little Jesus in FISTFUL OF DOLLARS) standing in for Eastwood & Milian. It’s true that the movie feels older than its real age which is just positive as this is a harder, darker comedy western with a “Sergio” edge and coherence instead of Barboni cuteness. Having a very catchy Giombini score (also used in other westerns), great supporting cast (Fernando Sancho etc), a nicely unpredictable storyline and visually fascinating details like the statue of the saint, the movie comes highly recommended.

Ah, strange that I’d find such high praise for this as I didn’t find this one bit interesting at all.
Very average and the final confrontation between Steffen and the four baddies looks like it was shot with not much creativity or thought in mind.
Sancho is wasted within ten minutes of his appearence.

soapy breasts? Were they uncovered?
I don’t recall this at all.
Perhaps my version is cut?
I do recall a rather large breasted female character that get’s killed off towards the end.

Viewed this one yesterday. Nice flick, slightly comedic in tone but fortunately no slapstick stuff going on. Steffen actually hits it spot on here. The English dub for Martin was the worst thing about it, giving him a high pitched annoying voice. It’s not a very remarkable movie, but it’s fun nevertheless. Sancho is in there too, which is of course always a plus.
The version I saw was widescreen and was given a fan treatment with an English dub from some vhs.

Is the picture source from the Italian DVD ?

Still trying to make out whether Anthony Steffen looks like a scarecrow or vampire with his long style coat, and he sports a fairly big hat for those who like to discuss such matters.
Some O.K gunplay in this one, but what interested me more was waiting for the next line of dialogue. Here are a few examples:

‘Go fart in your pudding’

or what about:

’ I would’nt go out to pick my nose’

This was so so fare for me. I have to admit I fell asleep two thirds of the way through and had to come back to it after some Zzzs. I enjoyed it well enough but it wouldn’t exactly be high on my list of recommendations to a new fan. Giombini’s score was quite good though and there were a couple of chuckles in it. On the whole though this is a film who’s title is better than its content.

[quote=“YourPallbearer, post:6, topic:869”]soapy breasts? Were they uncovered?
I don’t recall this at all.
Perhaps my version is cut?
I do recall a rather large breasted female character that get’s killed off towards the end.[/quote]

I didn’t see these either :’(

[quote=“YourPallbearer, post:6, topic:869”]soapy breasts? Were they uncovered?
I don’t recall this at all.[/quote]

Would I lie to you? ;D

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Ahh, those ones.
Yes, they were definitely on show :smiley:


Not cool :frowning:

Never thought they were that big.

It’s really entertaining.Steffen made a good job in his ‘last’ western,considering that only ‘Tequila’ and ‘Dallas’ came after that.They’re not worth mentioning.
Yes,the movie looks older than 1972 and Steffen is not as much trashed as in some movies before.
This time only the character he plays is called Trash and he’s beating only once and not as intense as usual.Thanks god !
The great score i’ve heard before in ‘Copperface’ for example.

I loved this one, probably my favourite Steffen performance, he’s pretty tough in this role (maybe because he’s dubbed by the guy who usually dubs Maurizio Merli).

It’s an OK movie for me. Entertaining and never gets boring. It seems that Juan Bosch could make some nice movies without any real budget. 6/10

Entertaining movie without beeing anything really special. Steffen gives one of his better performances in this one, I think.

“…slightly comedic in tone but fortunately no slapstick stuff going on…” You’re right about that BL. This flic is quite lighthearted in places but doesn’t drift into sillyness which saves the movie.

Very average film from the post-Trinity years. Very sloppy in my opinion but Sancho’s few minutes are refreshing, his role surely deserved to be bigger.

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