Too Much Gold for One Gringo / La caza del oro (Juan Bosch, 1972)

is available anywhere even in funmade dvdr??

The database refers an italian release. I’ve found a divx file at CG.

Never saw this one, always thought it was all comedy. Being a A.Steffen fan, i must find a copy somewhere.

Try Cinemageddon.

Thanks to a Fellow member for his generosity in providing me with a dvdr copy, :wink: I finally got a chance to watch this one. I found it to be ok, not a gem but good enough entertainment in my opinion. Steffen and Martin were particularity good. Also, that young actress that plays a mexican girl she showed some nice cleavage, what a nice pair of breasts, yummy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed it immensely. The script was realistic, with plenty of inventive moments. I’d rate it as highly-rewatchable.

I have added a review of it to the film’s page, see:


dutch Beta tape cover scan

One of the better spaghetti westerns for me. Very enjoyable with plenty of action.