To Kill a Jackal (Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead) DVD

I think it’s surprising you still have censorship on movies in the UK.

We used to have it in Sweden too, but since 10-15 years they never cut movies anymore, only give different age ratings.

What’s the point also when you can get uncensored movies from anywhere else?

Oh well I was thinking region-wise here. If you only want Region 1-releases you are going to hit rock bottom faster than soon. And I think it’s a shame when a region free player costs nothing and there is no real reason for wanting these releases only. Sure imported titles are more expensive but then say that then.

That said Germany is without doubt the place that has released the most interesting stuff over the years. The States are real good for other Italian genre-movies, just not westerns. Apart from Wild East of course, God bless their souls …


[quote=“Søren, post:17, topic:1325”]OK so the $28 was still too much for a region-free player !? I must say I don’t understand it, you are gonna be severely handicapped in your spaghetti western viewing if you want only Region 1 and 0 -discs … The states are without doubt the place where the least spaghetti western stuff is being released. Sure Wild East throw out a couple of discs a year but that’s more or less that.

You are going to wind up with nothing but dvdrs and the occasional bootleg dvd in your collection amigo.[/quote]I am truly sorry I didn’t take your link but it seems a little out of the question. I am still young and my parents probobly wouldn’t alow it. I am only a teenager. I still getscaredwhen I ask to buy another spaghetti western. I do try and support legitament companies. I bought Mannaja Blue Underground and Massacre Time recently and both the films releasing companies are legitamit. Sorry I didn’t take your offer. It is not that I didn’t appreciate it. Just not as much spending freedom for me.

@ korano

I was young like you before coming an old fart, and your time will come when you will be able to afford all you want :).

Thanks ENNIOO. :slight_smile:

Im just going to through my two cents in.

Based on what Ive seen as someone from the U.S., I dont think its any harder to find spags in region 0 or 1 then it is region 2 or whatever. At least not for the most part, the more obscure films May be.

Of course being able to find them doesnt really matter if you dont want to spend 20+ dollars a film(which youd be doing for a region 2 DVD as well).

So what Koch Media has been releasing has been obscure titles? And Wild East is top of the pops? I don’t get it. I consider The Big Gundown a pretty big title and that ain’t available in Region 1-country as far as I know. Yes, as a Franco Cleef-release but then we’re talking dvdr’s again and then anything goes :slight_smile:

I dont have any idea as to what you were tryiing to say. All I know is I didnt say anything about Koch or any distributor whatsoever.

I think you need to read a little more carefully. What I said was that outside of the more obscure titles you can find region 0 or 1 versions of films in the U.S pretty easily, one way or another. And yes, that includes DVDr’s. You just have to research a little first.

No I got what you wrote, but I was talking official releases and not dvdrs … DVDRs are easy to get but they aren’t official or real releases in any way. The Big Gundown you can get from Koch Media and that is certainly not an obscure movie. In the States this title is only accessible as a dvdr which is not a real release.

Nearly none of the movies released by Koch Media (Region 2) has been released in the States and most of Koch Media’s releases are ‘good’ titles. That was my point.

But again… I never said anything about Koch. They could release every spag ever made and it still wouldnt have anything to do with my post. Its irellevant, as is any discussion of specific distrbutors and/or what films they offer.

It seem maybe that its the “obscure” comment thats giving you problems for one reason or another. I never mentioned Koch(or anyone) and never said anything about them only releases obscure films. Again, what films are offered by whoever isnt of importance, just that more obscure films are only avalible on regions other than 0 or 1.

The only point I was making was one way or another most spags outside the more obscure ones are avalible on region 0 or 1.

I was giving Koch Media as an example of a Region 2-dvd publisher publishing non-obscure movies not available in Region 0/1-country. Notice that I discount dvdrs as they are not real releases, therefore I dont think that “most spags outside the more obscure ones are avalible on region 0 or 1”. Not more difficult than that.

But back to the topic. The only release worth owning of To Kill a Jackal is the German dvd. You may be able to find a vhs-tape in the OAR but not too sure about that, some of the more eager tape-collectors in here will know.

DVDr or not they are avalible in the context of my post and your choice to discount DVDr’s has nothing to do with my point. But whatever…

…Anyway I have this film in my Q and Im not sure what to think. I hear some good things and some not so good. Ill get around to it eventually and see for myself.

Again, I say it is a masterpiece. The slow pace is definetly justified. Something about the dialogue makes me forgot that the movie isn’t all action filled. It is suspenseful and cool. Doesn’t try to go beyond it’s boundaries. It stays within it’s capabilities and delivers in the end. Great and very much a thriller/ suspense character study. Pardon my french but fuck Weisser when he says it adds nothing to the genre. It doesn’t try to add anything to the genre but just tries and succedds at telling a story. Rent this one definetly Goodfella. And again, I say you should go to the newbie post and get the contributers to that thread active again. It definetly helped me.

Ill check the movie out soon. As for the newbie thread, I dont really know what I could gain from it, despite being somewhat of a newb, simply because I know about a lot of the films and already have a large list of ones I want to see.

Good for you. I don’t meen that in a mean way. That is very good way to go about renting spaghettis. I look for ones that are different than the norm and rent them at my great video store. I f you ever come to Seattle, check this place out. :slight_smile:

I’ve been after this one for a long time, and I missed the German DVD today on eBay.
I’m one fu**ing pissed-off dude!!!

:frowning: :’( >:(

[quote=“Ming, post:37, topic:1325”]I’m one fu**ing pissed-off dude!!!

:frowning: :’( >:([/quote]

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just throwing this in here, since there was a big discussion in this thread… You can buy the cheapest dvd player offered at walmart, which is a phillips, and punch a code into the remote, and it becomes the $60 version of the same dvd player and allows you to play all regions of dvds- both NTSC and PAL discs, as well as divx/avi files

i hate walmart, but that cheap ass dvd player is tops. its played everything i’ve thrown in it without problems.

Once you have a dvd player like this, a very large window opens for access to many spaghetti sources for a “man with no budget” :wink:

I hate Walmart too >:(

If you were refering to my problem autephex, problem solved. Ming kindly lent me some codes which seem to work on my DVD. Thanks anyway.

You are much better off buying or bidding on the Koch DVD. My video store has a DVD-R from the Koch and I can vouch for its beautiful quality. Also, the To Kill a Jackal DVD is most likely terrible quality. I made the mistake of buying the Renegade Gun DVD which is terrible quality fullscreen. But I’m receivng the Koch DVD in a couple of weeks.