To Kill a Jackal (Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead) DVD

The US DVD release of this film took the shit tile. But the only version I have seen of this film was a DVD-R. I would much prefure to buy the official release but US spaghetti Western DVD’s have a bad reputation for releasing cut versions. Is this version cut?

Have you seen this one at all? Ive heard its not very good.

I have seen it and it is in my top 5. GREAT FUCKING MOVIE. Although it is not for everyone. It has a very slow pace. I like thatfactor but some else may not. Kinski is great. Music fits the movie. GREAT MOVIE ;D50/10 :smiley:

I might have to check this one out some time.

Just ignore Shobary’s review and you might be pleasntly surprised. Just know that it is not fast paced. Very character driven. Make sure you are on the couch to watch this one. Or, if you have a laptop, watch it on that.

I dont mind slow pacing at all. As long as it has a purpose.

Well,then you will proboly like this one. Just ask Stanton about it.

You’d probably like Four of the Apocalypse as well then.
I got the koch dvd I need to watch it soon. Heres the information on the various dvds

Thank you very much Chuck. Doesn’t appear to be cut.

Yeah if it was cut it would usually say CUT at the bottom

[quote=“chuck connors brother, post:8, topic:1325”]You’d probably like Four of the Apocalypse as well then.
I got the koch dvd I need to watch it soon. Heres the information on the various dvds[/quote]

I have to admit Im not big on Fulci though.

Have you not seen Four of the Apocalypse? It is not like his horror movies but ther is some graphic violence. It is more of a road movie in the form of a spaghetti western. Slow Paced. Sort of an art film and if you haven’t seen it, see it.

No, I havent. But I havent dug his “gialos” and did not like Massacre time.

I have “Four” in my netflix Q still though. So Ill probably get around to it some time.

What is wrong with the German release from Koch Media? Is in the wrong aspect ratio 1.85:1 but has the English dub and seems to be uncut.

The American dvd is bound to be full screen.

There is a review of the German dvd here:

no region 2 DVD

What about this:

OK so the $28 was still too much for a region-free player !? I must say I don’t understand it, you are gonna be severely handicapped in your spaghetti western viewing if you want only Region 1 and 0 -discs … The states are without doubt the place where the least spaghetti western stuff is being released. Sure Wild East throw out a couple of discs a year but that’s more or less that.

You are going to wind up with nothing but dvdrs and the occasional bootleg dvd in your collection amigo.

I actually think the US are the 2nd best at releasing Spaghetti Western dvds next to Germany.

Well, Italy and Spain don’t do too bad but only for their own markets. (i.e. no english language options) Then of course there’s the Japanese. Expensive but plenty of them and great quality.
Either way, the U.S certainly outdoes the UK in terms of spaghetti releases. A pitiful amount are released here.

The U.K is a joke for releasing stuff.

And when they do they are either cut by the BBFC (Navajo Joe is a recent example) and / or in the incorrect widescreen ratios (Some Dollars For Django for example).