Thunder Over El Paso / I senza Dio (Roberto Bianchi Montero, 1972)

I just watched an OK Youtube video and found this SW entertaining, not boring but maybe a bit leightweight without being lighthearted.
The story is OK and so is the acting. Maybe I will rate it as a 6/10, good but not very good is my first impression.

Regarding the locations, discussed above in this thread, one of the western towns was as stated before Golden City south of the real pueblo Hoyo de Manzanares north/northwest of Madrid.

Some other scenes were shot near Colmenar Viejo north of Madrid and southwest of the characteristic mountain with its peak San Pedro which is easy recognisable in many SWs.
There were also some scenes from La Pedriza north of Colmenar Viejo.
Several riding scenes for example were shot less than 2 km south of Ciempozuelos pueblo which is located south of Madrid. That area was also used in several SWs.
The prison which one of the leading characters broke out from was as far as the outdoors concerned also located near Ciempozuelos.

I still rate it as a rather solid 6/10 for its overall entertainment value, and agree with the thread starter Reverend_Danite regarding his statement :
" Despite good individual performances from the leads (and Erika Blanc and Pilar Velasquez in it), and it having a smidge of charm and style of it’s own, it ultimately doesn’t sparkle enough to put it in the same league as some of the other lesser-knowns that turn out as diamonds. High hopes at the start were somewhat let down - but having said that - it still kept me there til the end and I (pretty much) enjoyed the ride."

So most of the scenes were shot in Spain :
Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain
“Golden City”, Hoyo de Manzanares, Madrid, Spain
Ciempozuelos, Madrid, Spain
La Pedriza, Madrid, Spain
But the other western town was Elios, Rome, Italy.

The green first scene I am not sure where it was shot, or maybe could even be in Italy ? :

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