Thoughts on Grjngo Western Movies and what have you watched

Yeah there are some doubts as to the legality of all his stuff, that is for sure

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A lot of the juicy stuff has been taken down, and is either gone completely or replaced with smaller and therefore lower quality rips … acceptable to watch if you’re desperate to see something or just get the flavor of. Seems to be just uploading old 1930s American clunkers … massive hats and dreadful acting … no thanks :wink:

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I guess Grjngo must have started to get hit with copyright strikes from whoever has the actual rights. Like I said, pretty much positive he was just ripping stuff from Amazon and putting it up - a lot of which was only available in Italy so the rest of us never saw it

well his catalog is also different depending from where you access it

That’s likely Youtube’s built in copyright system. Youtube will automatically limit access by country based on their copyright database whenever it finds copyrighted material in the uploads. If the publisher has limited access to certain countries, its applied by YT’s algo