Thoughts on Grjngo Western Movies and what have you watched

What are your thoughts on the you tube channel Grjngo western movies? They have tons of spags and really provided me the ability to watch tons of movies. What movies have you seen on the Grjngo channel that you couldn’t watch anywhere else? What was the last movie you seen on Grjngo?

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I have seen several SWs lately from my watch list, as a first check before ordering a CD/Bluray if possible and if good enough (which seldom has been the case).
El Puro was one of the latest and it was a rather nice experience in image quality and the SW itself, especially the music. I watched it twise on Youtube/TV which reduced the frame size compared to a CD/Bluray but otherwise it was more pleasant to watch than on a laptop. The frame is not smaller than on a typical very oldtime TV from the 1960-1970’s.
I would buy an offical release of El Puro if there would be such an occasion.

I’ve seen a couple of early SWs on this and El Puro as well…really enjoying this channel…although mosyly I have quite alot of the films on DVD or Blu Ray. On the flip side I also saw Bad Man’s River on this yesterday…it had it’s moments some good action in there

I’ve watched a few. More than I’d expect but nowadays I almost don’t watch television, YouTube took the place. The latest was: Black Eagle of Santa Fe

I’m glad Grjngo posted Gunfight at Red Sands in great quality as the copy I have included on one of those Mill Creek compilations is absolutely horrid with a brown tint taking away all of the color along with other technical issues.

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