Those Dirty Dogs / Campa carogna … la taglia cresce (Giuseppe Rosati, 1973)…_la_taglia_cresce

I got this one yesterday and watched it and thought it was very entertaining. It has the excess that has graced so many of the best spaghettis (i.e. Sabata triology, Corbucci and Baldi movies.) I thought it was very weird how Garko’s character was Muslim. Not only that but he wasn’t Arabic. At least he didn’t sound like it. Anyway, good movie. Starring Stephen Boyd and Gianni Garko.

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Also, does anybody have any info on Giussepe Rosati maybe being a psyudonym for Franco Rosseti. I heard that rumour from weisser but we all know how ridiculess his suggestions can be.

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Coments anybody?

I wasn’t too crazy about this one. I’m a huge Garko fan but I just found this movie a little on the wierd side. The muslim aspect didn’t really ad anything to the story. It just seemed pointless.

Some good action though, and Stephen boyd added some star power.

If Garko wasn’t treated as a secondary character this would have been an excellent movie.

SPOILERS!!He does get as much screen time as Boyd does. I like this film. Obviously by my forum name. My one problem is the directing in some departments. It seems Rosati doesn’treally know how to film a climax. Although it is fun to watch, it just isn’t as energetic as Companeros climax and it ends too suddenly and the deaths of some of the characters are not explored or filmed well. Vargas dies in the distance. But still fun.

Not so sure about that but even if what you say is true Boyd is still treated as the star even though Garko was the only interesting character in the film.

Yeah. That’s how they did it with El Condor. The strait man and the eccentric gunman.

But Van Cleef and Brown shared equal screen time in that. :frowning:

True but it’s main main character was Brown. He gets top billing as does Boyd.

I just wish Garko had more screen time in this one, for half an hour we almost lose him and the pace slows down very much. I couldn’t care less about Boyd and his company, nothing interesting about them. I liked the scene with the umbrella and the Mexicans, probably the best moment of the whole movie! Nice one, but not something i would easily recommend. 3/5

It does slow down somewhat with the cat and mouse between andrew, Garko, and Boyd. But the beginning and middle are fun.

A spaghetti actioner out of the later days of the genre.

There are some good looking scenes, but the film is at least a disappointment as it seems the director couldn’t made up his mind what type of film he wanted to make. It’s not a comedy, but several scenes take a silly turn to a more light hearted style, which always is in odds with the more brutish scenes.

Another major flaw is that many several main characters are rather uninteresting, especially Stephen Boyd and his 2 amigos. Garko is clearly the winner, but his role as a Muslim remains also in an unfinished status.

Could have become a good film, but hasn’t.

Btw, the crazy general (another give away character), supposedly to be an austrian, is named Lopez in the english, Mueller in the italian and, worst of all, Murkser (Murks = hotch-up) in the german version

Stephen Boyd sings the theme song :stuck_out_tongue: .

Just put up my review of this one.
A film I wanted to like more than I did and on reading back through these posts I found myself agreeing pretty much with Stanton’s comments.
Anyhow, here goes:

Can’t disagree … because I haven’t seen it

My impression, after reading your review, is that I would agree with your judgement
I guess korano (played by the great Garko) will disagree

A very good and extensive review,Phil

The movie … i would say there are better ones,but also weaker ones :-\

Thanks to a kind forumer I was able to see this film

The opening massacre, slightly tongue in cheek but hyper-violent, is the film’s best strike
It’s followed by a lovely silly theme song, sung by Stephen Boyd, starting with a few Navajo Joe yells, then turning into a Leonard Cohen style mumbled lament (woman you’re not a friend; there’s also a line about running out of chips, the lyrics were certainly not by Cohen himself)

And then things go wrong with a silly tune introducing Garko with an umbrella

And it will get much worse

My guess that they originally planned to make a serious spaghetti, but eventually turned it into a more comedy oriented flick, because the market was asking for comedies

Garko still has a few inspired moments, but I don’t really like him in this; the muslim thing doesn’t add much to the film, nor to the character, and Boyd and his men are pretty annoying. I won’t say anything about this crazy general other than that he’s nearly as funny as Chuck Conners in Pancho Villa
Andreu is the best thing about this turkey (is this where the muslim came from?)

I just noticed on the main page it says:

“Those Dirty Dogs gets a less than positive review from Phil H. Feel free to disagree here”

A line that seems to be inviting criticism of the review in a subtle way. It would probably be better to say:

“Those Dirty Dogs gets a less than positive review from Phil H. Feel free to agree or disagree here”

I found a cheap DVD while visiting Badajoz a couple of weeks ago. The movie it isn’t spectacular but it accomplishes the entertainment factor. That umbrella blow my brain out, I think these unreal gadgets were overused in the genre.