Things that really annoy me

A person that throws a fit when he loses at something(like golf) and then others slough it off and say he throws the fit because he’s so “competitive.” Competitive my ass! I say; you show me a sore loser and I’ll show you a big crybaby.

and vice versa. some people think all Clint’s westerns are American

(No offence meant, ENNIOO, I know you’re a nice guy)

Crappy DVD (and horrible cut) releases of SW

People that disregard silent Movies because they are silent.
People who are saying the old movies were much better (but mostly don’t know (or try) any new director or movie).
People who are saying an oscar-winning movie must be good and everybody should like it and know it.
People who don’t go to cinema but complain about bad movies on TV.

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(No offence meant, ENNIOO, I know you’re a nice guy)[/quote]

Good one Scherpschutter ;).

I don’t think ENNIOO was refering to you Scherp, so take it easy :wink:

Anyway a classic scene there in Taxi Driver, was this completely Scorcese’s own idea or did he get the inspiration from somewhere else?

I suspect the way Travis Bickle straps a lot of weapons on his body was maybe to some extent inspired by what Christina Lindberg did in Thriller

Bad Lieutenant:

People who all of a sudden like a movie a whole lot better when they've heard the director talk about it.

I hear what you’re saying, but I will admit to going back and enjoying a movie more sometimes when I know more about its origins, context, etc.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:5, topic:1411”]People who think films like Hang Em’ High and High Plains Drifter are Spaghetti westerns.[/quote]agreed. there is someone on ebay uk at moment selling western dvd such as " over the hill gang",“soldier blue” " the quick and the dead" “ten wanted men” " bullwhip" and describing them as spaghetti westerns!!??? does he know his stuff or what? yeesh!

Yes…I know the seller you mean…makes you wonder ???.

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:17, topic:1411”]Good point.
Also, I hate critics who think all the sw’s were just copies of Leone films. It just shows that they don’t really know the stuff they write about. We’re talking about 400+ movies here. The whole phenomen of spaghetti westerns is a really remarkable thing in the whole history of the movies but some critics try to dismiss the whole genre and they only praise Leone now (which they didn’t do at the time when the films came out).[/quote]
This annoys me a lot too. Also people that thinks some movies are crap only because they aren’t Leone movies! Open your eyes (not meant to you guys, only to some of those IMDb reviewers >:(!)! For example, some people thinks that it’s impossible that there are better Spaghetti Westerns!

People that don’t realize their life and way of seeing the world is just one interpretation out of many possibilities and always get pissed/upset/depressed/whatever when things don’t go the way they see it… but then I can’t be too annoyed with them or I become one of them :smiley:

Very easy to annoy and wind these kind of people up.

I work in retail & it’s definitely people who prefer Fullscreen over widescreen. And when you try to explain it to them they think your an idiot because they want to see the whole picture & not those black bars AAAAAARRRGH!!! >:( >:( >:(

I thought everyone understood the concept of widescreen nowadays, especially with widescreen TVs and monitors becoming the standard

They do not!! It sounds simple enough but they don’t get it & they look at you like your a fool when you try to explain!

I…I…Idiot, I fully agree.
I was at a neighbour’s house for a meeting the other day and he has a widescreen tv. A woman present praised him that he got the screen filled, as she wasn’t able to on her set. I tried to explain to her that that particular show was aired in fullscreen, so in fact the image was cropped or stretched to fit the widescreen. I think I lost her at mentioning 4:3, which is ok, but then she started claiming I was wrong and that everything is aired in widescreen these days.

It really does piss me off this !

Ignorant or Stupid? Which one is it? I think its both. LOL

Aside from this particular subject, it really drives me crazy when people aren’t willing to listen to new information and are convinced they already know everything about a subject

Brother just told me a story. He was getting some cash from a store , and the person behind was standing real close as by brother typed his card details in. My brother did say something to him. People can be very rude and ignorant for sure.