They Called Him Amen / Così sia (Alfio Caltabiano, 1972)ì_sia

Luc Merenda is a man always after some quick cash, with most of the film consisting of silly moments. The usual bar room fights take place, with bizarre characters in the film including a man who likes to wear womens underwear. Merenda proves to be a dab hand with certain martial arts skills, but reminds me of a monkey when he is performing them. Eventually the film does have some purpose…a bank robbery for Merenda and pals. Robbery is O.K, but film soon goes into silly mode again.

At least there’s Sydne Rome in it…

This is true…

(un-)fortunately I haven’t seen this one. How much of her can you see in this one?

Nothing to explicit, just a bit of arse and side shot of breasts.

First comedy sw I saw, haven’t watched it for years because I hated it so much.

By the way, I think Dario Argento wrote this. Info is missing from the database.

I watch this a few days ago
In the middle of the movie i note that i count the minutes,somehow i felt relieved when it ends.
Besides its a ‘corpse free’ movie,if i didn’t sleep away

anybody Know where i can get this movie?i saw this as a child and i want to see it again.

Is this true? Did he do any others besides Five Man Army? Spaghettis must not of been his strong suite…

[quote=“autephex, post:9, topic:1491”]Is this true? Did he do any others besides Five Man Army? Spaghettis must not of been his strong suite…[/quote]Once upon a time in the West was co-wrtitten by him of course and then there’s Today It’s Me… Tomorrow It’s You!

And Cemetery Without Crosses too I think.

wow, I had no idea… gotta start paying more attention to the writing credits

Always like it when I learn something new :).

Robert Hossein denies this in an interview and states Dario Argento didn’t have anything to do with it (Hände Weg! Edition)

Argento only helped writing the story for OUTW togther with Bertolucci and Leone. The screenplay was written by Leone and Sergio Donati.
Donati had complained about Argento for claiming contributions he hasn’t done.

Robert Hossein denies any work of Argento on CWC. He isn’t credited on the french version. He is credited on the italian version, maybe because he really did work on CWC, maybe only to fulfill some of these obscure italian co-production foundations.

He is credited for 5 Man Army and Today It’s Me (together with director Cervi).

The co production thing is very likely indeed. Writing credits in particular were notoriously fictional creations for this purpose. But then it is equally common for artists to deny other people’s input while exaggerating their own as the years pass by. As a result it is almost impossible to be sure who really did what in many cases.

Anyone out there having the Italian DVD from Hobby & Work!!!

Just watched this. As it made me laugh a couple of times, it served its purpose. Just a somewhat entertaining dumb comedy. Contrary to other kids in spaghetti westerns, the one here is not annoying.

Bought the Italian DVD, Vg Picture Quality in Letterbox, Great for Audiodubbing!!!

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