They Call Me Trinity / Lo chiamavano Trinità … (Enzo Barboni, 1970)

Very funny comedy western. I grew up with that sort of spencer/hill flicks, although i dont like the funny stuff really

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I thought this was a good film. Became a Terence Hill fan because of it.

I don’t really like this kind of Western. But for an entertaining afternoon it would be the right movie. Simply to have fun. But besides that I always liked the Spencer/Hill stuff so that I actually have to say that I like it…

I loved those movies as a kid. Now I still like them but rather prefer the more serious SW !!!

If you take a SW and combine it with humour successfully, you’ve got me laughing. Fight scene at the end is great. I actually found the next one even funnier.

great fun to watch with a few beers

I tend to watch Hill & Spencer films while having hangovers.

I agree.

i dont know, but, this film, i watched (exactly like Bill San Antonio, with a few beers) and, first i liked the character (Trinity), but i dont a big fan of him (terance). To my grandfather, and my dad, this movie was great and that all, to me, well i said it!


Well I rate Terence Hill, not only can he be very funny but he is a great actor and an incredible horseman. It was seeing this film “They Call Me Trinity” a couple of years ago that started me off collecting SW DVDs. I know some people don’t like comedy SWs only serious ones, but I like both, in life it’s good to have variety :wink:

I couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

Me too, and i got the movie, see, im a cinema lover XD.


Should I get the Hens tooth region one Trinity collection or should I get the Nouveaux pictures Pal one?

Is the Hens tooth one better picture and audio quality? The Nouveaux one has interviews with Hill and spencer as well as production notes. The henstooth one doesn’t seem to have any extras besides trailers.

I have a region free player.

Hmm, which one should I get? Hen’s Tooth, or Nouveaux pictures?

Well, according to Dvd Compare, the Nouveau releases of the Trinity films are uncut. If the R1 seems longer, remember that the discrepancy is often caused by the different running speeds, which always makes it seem that ntsc releases are a couple of minutes longer than the pal versions…

I love Trinity, I laughed my a** out when I watched it!

Incredibly funny, and I just loved the interation between Hill and Spencer.
They are soooo much better together here than as Cat Stevens and Hutch Bessy…

8.5 out of 10 (4 stars!)

I saw this only in crappy fullscreen version that made it a little bit hard to watch. Anyway not a stunning movie but a very fun, good time one. I liked it :slight_smile:

DVDCompare is wrong. The Nouveux discs are cut by several minutes, as I’m quite sure is the case with the new R1 discs as well (older fullscreen discs are supposed to be uncut… uncut as in uncut English language versions, as at least the sequel exists in even longer version that is not available in English at all).

To a 14 year old boy in the early '70s, the “Trinity” movies were greatness. To a 48 year old man today, I watch them because of the memories… Long live Terence Hill!!

i just bought the hens tooth twin pack…i hope it will be a good way to see the movies…i haven’t seen either tcmt, or tismn.

The Hen’s Tooth Twin-Pack is greatness in my opinion. The best versions of these two movies by far. Enjoy them, Outlaw!