There’s a Noose Waiting for You Trinity! / El retorno de Clint el solitario (Alfonso Balcázar, 1972)

Good to see that not only the titles in Germany have been translated badly. In the German Version his name is really Clint and not Trinity. “The Return of Clint” would have been a great name. After a vengeance against the murderers of his brother Clint leaves his family. 5 years later Clint returns home now with a moustache (fake?) in his face. BTW his daughter is dressed like Fuzzy and has a pistol made of wood (stolen from The Specialists ?). Interesting nobody in the town and even his neighbours remember him. His wife only allows him to comeback because Clint is swearing not to use his gun to solve problems anymore. A bounty hunter (Klaus Kinski) chases him and finally he has to fight against a gang which threatens the farmer.

The Music Score was taken from Ennio Morricone and it improves this movie. Somehow it was a bit annoying to hear this wonderful music in such a picture. It has the look of a US TV Western production which isn’t very helpful either. Maybe it would be a better movie if it would have been more like a typical Spaghetti Western . If you have such a good music and Klaus Kinski you need Close Ups, different camera angles, silence in the right moments … KK is the best actor of this movie and somehow he reprises his famous role as Tigrero (or Loco) but a very light weighted version of it. I wonder if anybody ever called Kinski Klausi or Kläuschen (German nicknames for Klaus).

IMO average but not a good one! :slight_smile:

It was a solid and entertaining SW without offering anything special. Something like 2,5/5

^ word

I liked this one. I like George Martin and of course Kinski too. The one flaw I guess was the deux e machina of surviving a dynamite blast but other from that it was good stuff.

I’m not a big fan of Clint the Stranger but this sequael is clearly worse. Very cheap shooting locations make it look like one of better Fidani films. Story is the same as in original but with Kinski’s character and Clint/Trinity’s ugly & annoying kid added. Morricone’s recycled soundtrack doesn’t fit the film and adds to cheap rip-off feeling of the entire production. George Martin is one of my least favorite spaghetti western regulars so it’s up to Kinski to save the day but even he looks bored. 1.5 stars.

I thought it was much more entertaining than the sleep inducing first which has all the makings of an American western except they left out story (so why watch it?).

This one is a remake of ”Clint the Nevada’s loner” the plot it not completely identically though.
The main difference being the addition of a bounty hunter (Klaus Kinski) to the story, I do find his character troublesome though especially in the ending scene.
But I guess they had to spice the remake up with a big name for it to sell tickets and that that’s the reason for the edition of Kinski’s role.

IMO ”Clint the Nevada’s loner” is the better of the two films, but for genre fans its still worth a view.

2/5 stars.

I bought the double feature from Wild East this Christmas. Didn’t became a fan of either, forgettable!
Kinsky looks good, but its role was too superficial. But what I really dislike was that kid, quite annoying. I felt great when he finally gets that slap in the face: Shut up!

Not as good as the first one for me and I couldn’t believe how close the storyline was to that. To the point where I started to wonder if it was meant as a remake rather than a sequel. But flashback scenes taken from the first film seem to confirm it was a sequel. I like both Martin and Kinski so there was still enough here to keep me watching despite its obvious flaws.

I don’t get this Stanton scale, a solid and entertaining SW would get at least 5/10 IMO!

Well, 2.5 out of 5 is kind of similar to 5 out of 10 silence ;D
But in the tradition of British senseless imperial measurements I would give it something closer to 6 out of 12 :slight_smile:

[quote=“Phil H, post:11, topic:1561”]Well, 2.5 out of 5 is kind of similar to 5 out of 10 silence ;D
But in the tradition of British senseless imperial measurements I would give it something closer to 6 out of 12 :)[/quote]
Yeah, I noticed this as well and have emailed Silence’s maths teacher to get him some extra homework on fractions.
Be careful Phil - you’ll have the weight of Brussels on yer back if you start off down that line.

Back on task … I haven’t seen either off these yet (I think.) So, naff-all to add.

Maybe he was irritated that it was only “something like 2,5 /5”?

In the end the world seems to be ok as long as I understand my ratings.

Haha, I thought it was 2,5/10.

Of course

Watched this last night to celebrate having a tv again (got the samshit mended - as the shop is just around the corner - and directly opposite the pub).
Opted for the second on the wildeast doubler cos I fancied a bit of Kinski. He was suitably moody, but that badly-dubbed boy was very annoying in this and I was hoping he’d get shot to improve the film!
Not a particularly good film - but I enjoyed it on the whole as I’d been suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Halfmarksish.

Its better than the navada loner. I like how fake the film feels.

I started watching this tonight and was struck by the very fine theme music by Morricone. It sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it, so I went to my music library and… sure enough, it’s from The Hellbenders.

Lame story featuring a pussy whipped hero without a gun and two horrible kids. The film is saved by some cool action and by Klaus Kinski´s character Scott. Unfortunately Scott befriends wimpy Clint and let´s him reunite with his annoying family. It makes very little sense, much like the recycling of Morricone´s score for The Hellbenders. 5/10

Watched the Timeless Media Group version, which seems to be lifted from the German dvd.

I like Clint el solitario which is more or less based on the classic Shane, a western which I’m not very fond of mainly because of the ultra-annoying kid. Despite the similarities I do like it to a certain degree. This one I don’t. A boring, pointless sequel/remake/whatever it is.