There’s a Noose Waiting for You Trinity! / El retorno de Clint el solitario (Alfonso Balcázar, 1972)

Sounds like your average American household.

Most American households are in posession of a gun

Just watched this last night - loved the Morricone score and found the film fairly enjoyable. This was my first taste of a spaghetti western that I’d never heard of (i.e. not one of the big guns) so I was pleasantly surprised. Bit cliched and some terrible kid acting but having Klaus Kinski wandering about like a demented Jimmy Saville lifted it up quite a bit in my eyes.

Thought the film was quite well directed - nothing spectactular but the action was handled well.

Best bit for me:

Martin’s return to violence when he takes the rifle from Kinski and blows the gang member away - excellent bit of directing there. 8)


Was impressed with the action scenes in this… but recycling of scores such as The Hellbenders theme cheapened the whole film for me.

Ah the Hellbenders is where I heard that music before!!

*Slaps head


Not a great film, but not bad. I must say it actually has one of the more well directed saloon fights. When George Martin is taking on the 3 hooligans, the camera is close and moves around without cutting as much as the average SW would. It looked painful, and was actually exciting to watch. Plus Kinski…he pretty much steals the movie. It gets a solid 3 stars from me.

I saw this today because it was on the same disc as A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof on the Timeless Media boxset and I was too lazy to change it; I probably should have. Klaus Kinski is good, but his character is given very little to do and the final scene really castrates everything that has gone before. Alfonso Balcázar directs a few decent gunfights, but George Martin is an ultra-stolid hero and the family drama tends to dominate the film, which is unfortunate as the children are (as always in a Spaghetti Western) very annoying. The other villains are uninteresting as the story so I can only give this a very meagre 2/5.

I watched this again last week. Its would be amazing if somehow the character of Snake Plissken were in the lead role. Still enjoy, it has a place and time in my dvd player.

I am surprised that my vote was first 1/5. :o
Imo it’s not only the worst spag I’ve seen but also one of the worst movies ever.
“Clint il solitario” was bad and “Ritorno di Clint il solitario” is completely unnecessary remake.

-Martin’s moustache at the beginning
-serious tone

at least there was Klaus Kinski.

I prefer Fidani spags, because they are sometimes funny.
This one was only annoying.

Clint is back … as Trinity (or even Ringo!), but Klaus is hot on his trail …'s_a_Noose_Waiting_for_You…_Trinity!_Review

It’s been a while since I watched Clint the Stranger but the change of names confused me, so it didn’t really feel like a true sequel. It could have been a lot better with a few alterations but I did enjoy this film quite a bit. I like Martin and Kinski, so it had enough for me.

The sequel is so much better than its ridiculous predecessor. There’s virtually nothing memorable about the first one.