The White, the Yellow, and the Black / Il bianco, il giallo, il nero (Sergio Corbucci, 1975)

I didn’t realize my review was that positive …

I like the opening scene and a few other scattered moments, but no, this is not a good film.
True, I could have used harsher words

A few harsher words then from my database comment:

The White, the Yellow, the Black is “a comedy, which reveals according to screenplay and directing the opinion, that the intelligence of the audience is in a downward tendency of alarming dimensions” (Variety). Sergio Corbucci’s last western is a rather sad affair, as it is an unworthy end to the SW output of this once brilliant director. The film is mainly an unfunny and often stupid comedy, which here and there shows some of the last glimpses of the director’s former style. I wish he hadn’t made it.

Great review, scherps! I honestly, didn’t catch half the references to Corbucci’s own films or other spaghetti westerns, but then again this was only the second Corbucci I had watched.

Thanks so much for transcribing and translating that introductory scene Scherp! I’ve been wanting someone to do that for ages!

Not viewed this in years as had bad memories re this one. Even viewed a decent widescreen version this time round. This is one silly film, and actually did not mind it on the whole. But I have been in a silly mood recently so that may be why :stuck_out_tongue: . Love to know what Tomas Milian thinks of his role in this now. Wallach had aged since his Tuco role, but he was no spring chicken when he made this. And of course he is still with us which is great of course.

Have been reading (or rather poorly guessing my way on the basis of Spanish) through Giusti this holiday period. Just noticed that Giusti actually transcribes this scene in his discussion of the film.

Decided to give this one a watch, I had avoided for years. Well, it was a big mistake and complete waste of time. By far the worst S.W. that i’ve seen. I can tolerate some comedy aspects in westerns, but the stupid slapstick antics in this was so bad that i didn’t even laugh once. I didn’t have any beers at the time :o, but i don’t think it would have helped anyways. A big F on this one.

No beers is hard work in this one :slight_smile:

The first two sequences look promising, the instrumental variation on the theme song is beautiful, the empty town with all male citizens behind bars (!) is not a bad idea and the ending is passable.

Thumbs-down for everything else.

That is true.

This is certainly the worst SW with Gemma and in all probability the worst from Corbucci (I still have to watch Che c’entriamo noi con la rivoluzione?).


Excellent work on The Soliloquy scherp, but you have missed this one :wink:

So the correct translation becomes:
“And you, stop behaving like a Beast!”


Ilona Staller
Il nome Cicciolina, nacque ufficialmente attraverso un programma radiofonico notturno di Radio Luna dal titolo “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”. Durante le trasmissioni chiamavo tutti gli ascoltatori “cicciolini”. La prima puntata risale al 30 ottobre 1975.

The red-headed saloon girl does the same with Eli Wallach! The film was completed in December 1974 and released in mid-January, so…

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Thanks Jonathan

My favourite scene is where Swiss convinces Black Jack to open the booby-trapped treasure chest, but Black Jack is so drunk he can’t remember which lock to open. He even tries playing Eenie meenie miney mo with the locks.

Swiss: Wait! Are you sure?
Black Jack: Sure? No.

Swiss then leaves a whimpering Black Jack to curse his own forgetfulness.

I think that Wallach and Gemma are the best things about it.

Honestly, this movie was how I became a fan of Guido and Maurizio DeAngelis’ music.

Copied from the Spagvemberfest 2022 thread:

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