The Westerns of Alberto Mariscal

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Received the Mario Almada western 4 pack DVD set which includes Todo por nada

Picture is of course fullscreen, but pretty decent compared to what I was afraid it may be like:

Real spaghetti-like intro credits

DVD runs 1hr 38min (35secs)

I haven’t watched this one yet, so not sure how good the film is. I did notice there is a topic on the leone forum from titoli, saying he didn’t like it much.

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Cool stuff!

Also added:

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I’ll try to start adding in info to the entries as soon as I get a free minute.

Here’s a list of more Mariscal titles to be possibly added

These ones I am currently looking for copies of:

Uno para la horca (1974)
El Silencioso (1966) (I do have one VHS rip of this)
Cruces sobre el yermo (1967)
El caudillo (1968)
La chamuscada (Tierra y libertad) (1971)
El Arracadas (1978)
El brazo de oro / Bloody Marlene (1979)

And these ones definitely to be added in the DB:

El sabor de la venganza (1971)
They Call Him Marcado (1971) (Los Marcados)
Los indomables (1972)
The Hanging Judge (1972) (El juez de la soga)

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La chamuscada (Tierra y libertad) (1971) = done

If it depends solely on me to be added, it’ll take some time. But I’m working on it.

Alberto Mariscal entry, done so far:

There’s already a El sabor de la venganza, a Klimovsky film I think, in the database so I don’t know what to do with that one.

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Not sure where you are up to with what titles you now have Autephex.

Have you seen this dvd to El Arracadas:

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[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:85, topic:3421”]La chamuscada (Tierra y libertad) (1971) = done

If it depends solely on me to be added, it’ll take some time. But I’m working on it.

Alberto Mariscal entry, done so far:

There’s already a El sabor de la venganza, a Klimovsky film I think, in the database so I don’t know what to do with that one.[/quote]

Thanks again for adding all these. I will begin adding some of those pages (I think I can create film entries despite my current restrictions) soon, as well as adding more info to the ones you’ve made. I’ve just been spending a ridiculous amount of my time researching both these films and technical information I will need to transfer the VHS tapes. I didn’t have any of the needed equipment and dealing with French Secam really complicates things… Its pretty freaking hard to find a good VCR these days that can handle it all, and produce a decent picture… and had to also find an older video card that accepts Secam to capture the video. Apparently I still need a “TBC” (Time Base Corrector) unit for the best video result. Anyway, just quite a bit of learning and searching over the last week, which is why I haven’t added much yet

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:86, topic:3421”]Not sure where you are up to with what titles you now have Autephex.

Have you seen this dvd to El Arracadas:[/url][/quote]

I had seen one DVD, but it wasn’t this one. Thanks for the link… was excited to see English subtitles listed in the details, but upon checking reviews, it seems too good to be true:

This 1978 film from the vastly underrated and sadly overlooked director, Alberto Mariscal, is truly a gem of Mexican cinema. However, the product description here on Amazon states that the disc has English subtitles--and that is NOT the case. I speak and understand enough Spanish that this is not a problem for me; but, I wanted to make potential buyers/viewers aware that this DVD does not contain English subtitles, as stated.

This 5 star review on Amazon is from none other than Christopher T. Casey! Could it be our very own [url=]Chris Casey 8)

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Have received the DVD for They Call Him Marcado. Its on a DVD9 disc, but the film only takes up 2.9gb so its still pretty compressed

I bought the two pack release which comes with Todo el horizonte para morir (1971), because it was put out by the same company (Tekila Films) and the cover looked identical as the single release, and the films are on separate discs. Now I am left wondering if there is any chance the single release would be less compressed, because there is also some other random film on the Los Marcados DVD. Probably not, I’m sure its the same on both releases.

Was also disappointed to see that, as I suspected may be the case, the Hulu video maybe looks better.

The DVD looks a bit better than the VHS, you can see more detail, particularly when looking at faces and these kinds of things.

*edit: see post below for new image album

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Alright, managed to grab the full video from the streaming site mentioned previously :wink: Took matching screencaps from all 3 sources

Screenshot comparisons:

(DVD top, Web-download middle, VHS bottom)

I can’t quite make my mind up on the DVD versus the web-rip. I have them playing side by side right now and the web-rip definitely looks more clear with better colors. Its only 530mb with 640x480 resolution though… but it definitely has a nicer looking picture despite the small size.



Web download:
[url=<img src=’/uploads/db4315/original/2X/5/5aa091b81f4f03597faea008256f799a31f653a0.png’>]

This screenshot is a great example, right click and open link in new tab for full appreciation of the difference

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So far I’ve added:

and I’ve also added synopsis, music/location/distributor credits to Una para la horca, as well as linking director/year/country to their category pages. I’ll continue doing this for all the entries as I have the time

I guess at some point, we should just make this a general thread about Alberto Mariscal and export all the specific film posts to their own threads

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I’ll do some tomorrow. Got another nightshift coming up. Stiglitz instead of Stieglitz, by the way.

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Short bio, translated to the best of my ability from:

There is also a long list of his films at this link.

March 10, 1926 - April, 24 2010

Alberto Mariscal’s real name was Adalberto Ramírez Álvarez. He was, for a long period, an actor in theater, television and film. He then moved into directing at the beginning of the sixties, working for Estudios América on television shows with few resources and little aesthetic or thematic pretensions. However, some years later, he showed major ambitions and progression in story-telling with the darkly intense [b]Crisol y Cruces sobre el yermo/b.

Next he began to establish his name in the cinema of action movies and westerns, in films like El silencioso (1966), [b]Todo por nada /b, El tunco Maclovio (1969), El sabor de la venganza (1970) and for some critics, one of the masterpieces in the genre of Mexican westerns: Los marcados (1970).

The following years include titles which demonstrate the technical know-how and soundness which were typical of his best works: La bestia acorralada (1974), El Arracadas (1977), La combi asesina (1982) y La tumba Matías (1987).

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Received the French tape yesterday for VENGEANCE, and also finished setting up my old PC for a VHS recording station.

Was excited to capture some screenshots from the tape, but seems the VCR I purchased is totally bonked and produces a completely garbled image.

So I guess I will have to look into possible repair options (maybe replacing the heads or something), or more likely, wait until I can afford to purchase a working unit

Jerk ass ebay sellers claiming to have tested stuff…

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Did a on-TV back and forth comparison of the They Call Him Marcado DVD versus the VHS rip, and the DVD does look decently better. There’s less compression noise/blocking and its a clearer image. Although the Hulu video looks way better than either in terms of clear detail, it unfortunately has that really obnoxious problem in any movement that is kind of jittery, probably because it was incorrectly deinterlaced. This really bothers me but doesn’t seem to bother some people…

Checked out the 2nd DVD which came with Los Marcados and it is over 4gb. Now I am really tempted to buy the individual DVD release of Los Marcados to see if it does not include the random 2nd film on the disc, and would be 4gb or more, which would make it look even better. Appears this double feature disc was released separately, so could be a chance the individal Los Marcados DVD is a less compressed release. Wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t under 3gb, that’s really compressed for a DVD

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Now have a working Secam-capable VCR. The tape actually looks better than this, pretty good on the TV. I just still need to finish tweaking my capture setup which is why the screenshot is not so great, just wanted to grab a quick one to show the difference in the widescreen print versus the cropped p&s. I will probably need to get a TBC (time base corrector) before I can transfer the video, so it will probably still be a bit before I can do so. The film is in a French dub (with English credits? I wonder if this is originally a US print with French dub added. I believe the existing English version is from Australia, not US)





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2 days ago I watched the first half hour in the full screen version. Your version looks great in comparison. Will wait for that one. The film itself has some weird touches, like the actor/pistolero, but upon initial inspection it doesn’t look like one of Mariscal’s best works.

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Just purchased :slight_smile:



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Nice, and a vhs collection in the background aswell… :slight_smile:


Just finished “The Call Him Marcado”. Pretty dull, but the grim atmosphere, some great looking faces, the score and a touch of weirdness (villain-actor, some incestuous overtones etc.) somehow keep you watching. Thought it was a bit better than “El Tunco Manclovio”, so I will give the director one more chance with “The Hanging Judge” in the near future.


Btw, not too dissimilar…