The Westerns of Alberto Mariscal

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Well spotted :slight_smile:

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Homage! :slight_smile:

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Trying my best to transfer my French VHS of El sabor de la venganza / A Taste of the Savage / Eye for an Eye / Occhio per occhio dente per dente sei fregato Cobra!

But this SECAM tape is presenting many challenges, and may yet be some time before a satisfactory result can be acheived :neutral_face:


Spaghetti regular meets Mexican regular
Cameron Mitchell & Jorge Luke

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Quoting my post from years back for referencing the above screenshot in this French widescreen print

French VHS is titled simply, VENGEANCE


That’s some impressive old school gore ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And in case anyone is interested, the French VHS runs 82min 30secs from opening title screen to finish screen, which, after accounting for the 25fps speedup, matches with the current longest English version available of 85min


Coincidentally, I became aware of Alberto Mariscal, or at least watched part of one of his movies, just yesterday. I saw the first 15 mins and the end of The Taste Of The Savage (Eye For An Eye). Surprisingly brutal. I’m going to have to read this whole thread to catch up on the director.

Maybe not so coincidentally because this was just uploaded by Gringo Western Movies yesterday so I wouldn’t have seen it on YT until yesterday.

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Actually its not the first of his westerns you’ve looked at… He also made El Tunco Maclovio & El Juez de la Soga which we discussed briefly over in the Mexican Westerns thread :vulcan_salute:


You’re right. I just learned his name 15 minutes ago despite seeing two of his movies :grimacing:. Eye for an Eye was the most extreme, at least from the 25 minutes total that I’ve seen of it so far.

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I think it and El Tunco were the only two of his actually marketed as a kind of spaghetti, with Italian titles and posters. Although I could be wrong.

Eye for an Eye being the more notably spaggish, IMO, with Cameron Mitchell playing a role.


Finally finished the whole movie. Cameron Mitchell had the Clint Eastwood whisper down way back then before Batman and every actor under the sun started using it.:wink: I call it ‘unmotivated whispering’ because there is usually no motive or reason to be whispering. Clint Eastwood never really whispered, it was his real voice but as he got older he obviously roughened up his voice for the screen.

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Yes, very impressed !