The Westerns of Alberto Mariscal

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I’ll give The Hanging Judge a shot as well within the next couple of days. Thanks for all the work you put in, autephex.

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Nice work BL, plan on doing the same with some posters i have found but havent posted yet. Also going to do some custom covers

I am going to do subtitles for Los Indomables if I can’t find someone to do them, and if I can manage. I don’t know Spanish very well yet and understanding fast dialogue is still hard for me, but who knows… maybe i can manage

There are at least two more films i am looking for right now which will also be in Spanish and need subs

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Autephex, I found this forum (perhaps you have too already) that lists a whole bunch of rancheras/Mexican westerns, with download links:

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I hadn’t found that site yet, nice!

Was excited to see Todo por nada listed on the first page, as that is one I am currently on the hunt for. Unfortunately, the link is dead - same with most of the Mariscal titles on that site which I don’t yet have.

But I did get one I hadn’t looked up so far:

El Silencioso (1966)
Rip is 1hr 22min - 512x384 xvid - 397mb

  • not the best quality copy, but is watchable and better than similar Mariscal rips I’ve gotten/seen online so far. Recorded from the same TV station as the recording of Todo Por Nada which is on youtube in very bad quality. This one is also on youtube, but the copy I downloaded looks much better than the youtube upload:

I am also currently downloading a rip of Los Indomables from that site. Not sure what the quality will be but its 760 mb so may actually be decent. Part of me wants it to be a crap version since I already bought the VHS :smiley:

Le Quattro Croci di El Paso is the Italian title for Todo por nada, and so far I have found 2 cheapo DVDs available in the US, but the quality on both is probably going to be pretty bad. One is from the company “East West” which put out loads of crappy cheap DVDs for old movies. The other is some random company I’ve never heard of (Imperial Films) .

There is one on youtube in a really poor copy:
That is pretty bad looking… one of the weirdest looking pan & scan jobs I’ve ever seen with the black bars on sides almost looking like they are jumping around. I’m afraid to purchase either of these DVDs unless for dirt cheap, because they may be the same print this youtube upload comes from

Lol, now I am finding a few additional releases to search for while looking for more info on these… it never ends :stuck_out_tongue:

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Found one of the cheapo Mexican 4 pack DVDs with Todo por nada for $6.50 shipped, so went ahead and ordered it. Seems to be the same company releasing all the DVD variations except for the East West dvd, so not sure I will try getting any of the others if this one doesn’t turn out to be good. Also found a 1995 VHS which I can get new/sealed for about $10, but is likely not good either.

Finished that download of Los Indomables and its the exact same rip I had already downloaded from a different blog… haha, doh… no luck there, its really bad picture with stuttering movement. Oh well, VHS still in hand :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lots of those are out on cheap dvd’s, yes. But the quality usually leaves to be desired. Of the Mexican westerns at least Guns & Guts has had a decent release (VCI if I’m not mistaken, could check as I have it, but too lazy).
I also have Su precio… unos dólares on dvd. No subs and fullscreen. Noticed it was talky, but perhaps that’s because my Spanish ain’t that great. It has a pretty cool scene though, where a guy gets killed off with a pitchfork (basically all I remember about it). Will watch it again some time. Anyway, that particular label churned out more cheap releases, perhaps even some Mariscal titles.

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I’ve got that Guns & Guts DVD also. Have been in the mood to watch it again while doing all this research, and I’ve only viewed it once so far.

I expect the quality on all of these DVDs to be pretty bad, but these Mariscal films seem mostly impossible to find, so at this point I’m just trying to determine what is best out of what little is out there… or in some cases, just trying to find any versions at all.

Wonder how this DVD compares to the fansubbed VHS rip for They Call Him Marcado …

Surprisingly, this film is freely watchable on Hulu (in Spanish only)

I think the transfer on Hulu is actually the same from this DVD above, because their thumbnail graphic matches the DVD. Doesn’t look much better than the VHS rip, and the runtime is the same… probably skip that one, the VHS rip is already pretty good

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Autephex, check this out:

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Hmmm… went ahead and did some screenshot comparisons on that Hulu video which should be the same DVD transfer…

Picture looks about the same, but the DVD appears to be a bit better actually - picture is a little clearer and less faded. Since screenshots came from playback on Hulu, may not exactly reflect the DVD

May go ahead and get this DVD also since its cheap and the picture seems to be a slight step up

VHS top, DVD/Hulu bottom

I just wonder what kind of source this distributor gave to Hulu, sometimes these streaming services have a better quality print than the actual releases because they get the source transfer before its downscaled for DVD

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[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:68, topic:3421”]Autephex, check this out:[/quote]

Yeah I had come across that blog also :wink: That’s the blog entry was actually pretty helpful in discovering some needed info about that film.

I also found a better image copy of that Italian poster:

and this locandina…

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Ah fuck it, bought Los Marcados also :smiley: there’s no turning back now…

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That ‘Cobra’ film seems to be right up my alley. Violent, grim and rapey stuff apparently. Some sources speak of German/Italian involvement and credit Nick Nostro as the director (?!). Doesn’t seem very likely, but still.

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yes some great atmosphere with the dreamy scenes adding a lot of character. The ending is perfect with the hanging judge carrying out his final judgment.

Has me really wanting to see the next Mariscal film with Hugo (uno para la horca). So far I can’t find anything about this film’s releases except the Spain VHS and the cheapo US/Mexican dvd which is selling for $100

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quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:72, topic:3421” Some sources speak of German/Italian involvement and credit Nick Nostro as the director (?!). Doesn’t seem very likely, but still.[/quote]

I find it very unlikely, there is no trace of Italian or German participation in the Mexican credits and behind the pseudonym Albert Marshall of the Italian version for once it is not so difficult to identify Alberto Mariscal.

It is possible that in his interview with the magazine Cine70 (interview that I haven’t read) Nick Nostro, which also claimed to be the sole director, albeit in an underhand manner, of El hombre que mató a Billy el Niño, said he was also involved in this Italian-Spanish co-production with Giacomo Rossi Stuart dated 1967 and credited to Miguel Iglesias, and this generated some confusion


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Yea I had also come across that site previously which lists Nick Nostro as director. I looked it up and came to same conclusion as JonathanCorbett. Has to be a mistake

BL- the Cobra one is on CG in English as “Taste of the Savage” but it is cut by about 4.5min (mostly violence is missing). As soon as I am able to transfer the uncut French VHS I just ordered, I will be adding the English dub.

Have been researching VCRs all morning, glad I did not rush into buying one as it seems the French Secam-L format is not supported on the majority of multi-system “worldwide” VCRs which list Secam playback. I have found just a couple which do, and hopefully can find a decent price on one

Anyone happen to know if the tape would say whether or not it is Secam-L? I am just assuming that it is, coming from France, but one VCR seller I’ve contacted is claiming that French retail VHS tapes are not Secam-L, and I don’t believe him…

edit -

Got another response stating French broadcasts were Secam L & commercial tapes were Secam B.

haven’t seen anything stating this online, everyone just always refers to French tapes as Secam L.

that’s two responses saying so though

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Just nabbed a Panasonic AG-W1 NTSC/PAL/SECAM VCR with remote, manual and even the service manual for $57 shipped 8) Hopefully it works ok and I can get these tapes transferred off soon, although now I think need to research video capture cards which work well with SECAM. If there’s any problems with the VCR, maybe I can make use of the service manual :stuck_out_tongue:

Have begun attempting to translate subtitles for Los Indomables, very slow moving so far but am making some sense of it. Still probably best to try and find a real Spanish speaker to help with this

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El brazo de oro


Looks like another winner, judging from the synopsis (Google translated from Spanish):
In Matafaluga dominate McCutchen brothers, imposing tribute to the people. Comes to town farmer Timothy and his wife. The brothers ask him for money and he refuses to give it, then raped and murdered his wife. In revenge, Timothy makes a machine shaped arm that shoots without fail.

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Yea the US title for that one is Bloody Marlene. Been meaning to look more into it, seems prettt rare to find.

Someone asked about it here on the forum a while back, trying to remember a film they saw a long time ago with the arm thing

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Here’s the poster for it. Luckily, I found this online, otherwise I’d have to get my posters down from the case in the attic:

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