The Ugly Ones / The Bounty Killer / El precio de un hombre (Eugenio Martín, 1966)

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“El cazarrecompensas, el bandido y la cantinera” – Alex Cox hit the mark when he described Martín’s movie as “admirably cynical and distanced: a concise Noir Western […] with a strong female lead” (10,000 Ways to Die, p. 103). By far Martín’s best effort in the genre – depending on whether you count Duel in the Eclipse (Réquiem para el gringo) among his films or not. There’s a book (in Spanish) dedicated to his life and work, reviewed by John Exshaw on the Cinema Retro web site.

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The interview with Eugenio Martín on the WE disc is interesting but very dry as Martín, who’s English is quite good, sometimes ‘searches’ for the right phrase. He seems rightfully proud of The Ugly Ones, a terrific little western. He acknowledges problems with Bad Man’s River and Pancho Villa, which he blames on the lack of scripts. He basically says they pretty much made each up as the they went along. He does not seem to think much of LVC or Garko. When asked about his involvement with Réquiem para el gringo, he denies having anything to do with it stating as far as he knows it is Merino’s film.

Cast note; Enrique Navarro is Manuel the supply wagon driver and Chiro Bermejo is Dade the head federal agent in the stage with Milian.


Finally had a chance to order the Wild East Version, and am hoping it is worth it.( The audio on my other one disc wasn’t up to par.)


I had the German ‘Marketing’ DVD which had horrendous audio. I (and many others, surely) can confirm the Wild East version is far superior.


Good to hear, I love this film! something that I could never take out of my “official top 20”


Yep, it’s a damn good one! Definitely In my top 25 at least.

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Good news re the audio then, as previously it has been tough going for this dude.

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On the Wild East thread someone mentioned the picture quality was better on the German disc. Is this the case?

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The Marketing DVD has two versions on the disc. Here’s some screen shots from the Marketing and Wild East discs:

Marketing print 1:

Marketing print 2:

Wild East:

Marketing print 1:

Marketing print 2:

Wild East:

Marketing print 1:

Marketing print 2:

Wild East:


Wow I can’t even remember the Marketing DVD having two versions. What was the purpose of that?

Thanks for the screenshots by the way!

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Not sure which version I have, as it’s buried deep within a pile customised Banana Boxes containing every film genre known to man (except Romance…)

I just know that it’s a crackin’ film, with a great performance from Tomas Milian… and yes, I know he’s not everyone’s sip of Tequila…

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Thanks for posting. Going by those screen caps, I would say the Wild East one looks the best. Aside from a lack of Spanish audio option, it sounds like the best bet in terms of picture quality and English audio then.

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The Wild East disc is worth it just for Sonny and Jed. I’m going to keep the Marketing disc, as well.

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Is that for the Spanish audio?

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Nah, it’s just because I’ve had it a while in my collection and I like the colours on that release anyway. If you are Spanish and want Spanish audio, the Marketing disc can be found very cheaply.

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Yes - Marketing #1 is definitely “warmer” in color, but WE looks to have more detail. Marketing #2 is clearly the worst.


There’s no difference in the two running times on those Marketing prints, right?

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Can’t remember. I’ll check later for you.


The wild east disc was worth it. A great picture with somewhat improved audio. I would have really enjoyed it if Eugenio Martin worked with Wyler or Milan on another western. Perhaps expand on Milan’s childhood, or show Wyler hunting other outlaws.

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My allegiance changed from Milian to Wyler. Milian’s character was less sympathetic towards the end.