The Ugly Ones / The Bounty Killer / El precio de un hombre (Eugenio Martín, 1966)

(Phil H) #101

I really thought the Milian character was well developed and the morality less straight forward than it could have been. The towns folks’ loyalty which at first is strong and then changes only gradually. Likewise the girl’s. Milian as the wronged local boy who turns out not to be such a victim but then, maybe his experience has embittered him beyond reason. All to me, make this one a bit ‘deeper’, if that’s the right word, than most. Maybe a bit predictable but I remember not knowing exactly where it was going the first time I watched it. Just a growing sense that Milian was not the boy they all remembered so fondly.

The score on this is one of my favourites by Cipriani. Lovely Deguello on the trumpet but I also love the guitar work and Piccolo? on the other theme with the syncopated rhythm.

A solid 4 star film for me all round and by far Eugenio Martin’s best film in my opinion.

(El Topo) #102

I would not give it 4 stars Phill, but its almost there. Yes its a good SW, I just wished that Millian character was worked a bit more, why did he changed so much, was only the money also the relation between him and the girl is sub explored in my view, in the end an above average spag, that for me could have been even better.

(sartana1968) #103

a very special movie for me

(Mickey13) #104

I’ve watched this one today.
I viewed it for the first time a couple months ago.
Now it has become my Top 20 stuff. Simply great movie. :wink:
If the slow pace doesn’t bother you, you’ll like it.
Richard Wyler is superb as the bounty killer, his rough and ruthless at times. This is probably one of my favorites spaghetti western (anti) heroes.
Tomas Milian does here great job (as usual) as a bit crazy Mexican bandit.
Overall the acting and particularly direction cooperate together perfectly and an atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. Moreover the camera work is very engaging and adds an enjoyment very much.
Stelvio Cipriani’s score is great, however I prefer his Blindman soundtrack. Nonetheless he composed something really nice and this piece of material fits the movie like a tight glove as well.
Violent, simple, magic and well made. I don’t need anything else. :wink:
5 stars.

(RamonRed) #105

I just watched this film 2 weeks ago and I was blown away by Tomas Milian’s performance. The movie was great IMHO, one of the best SW I have seen. The story, Milian’s performance, and one of the best death scenes I have ever seen make it a 5 star film for me.

(Mickey13) #106

Definitely, RemonRed! :wink:

(James Z) #107

Saw “The Bounty Killer” once again last night, this time with some friends. What a wonderful film. I have the German DVD that most folks seem to have and yes, I found the English audio to be problematic, but wow…what a great film. It also has a great soundtrack which has now been released by the good folks at GDM. I highly recommend both.

(Reza) #108

Really a nice movie
the scenes are different from the other movies and the ost is excellent
i’ve bought it 4 months ago…

(the_ugly) #109

Good film, horrible DVD (the Marketing films one). This film really deserves a better/remastered release !

(Vito Cipriani) #110

Definitely! Haven’t thought about this film in almost ten years, but it’s a very good SW that sticks in the memory. Would love to see a better release than the Marketing Films DVD.

(Bill san Antonio) #111

How’s the SPO release? Is it any better?

(chuck connors brother) #112
How's the SPO release? Is it any better?

I got it a while ago and I wondered why it so cheap… then I saw the english audio was out of sync, so its unwatchable.

(Payback) #113

This is in my top 20. Great spag., does need a good release.

(Jude) #114

In general a solid spaghetti western and a pleasant surprise to me, this almost enters my top-20 also so that’s another sign of a good SW. :stuck_out_tongue: Stelvio Cipriani’s beautiful soundtrack and mesmerizing Almeria landscapes are the things that build up the atmosphere in this small gem. Also I liked Thomas Milian’s role here a lot, he’s a gret and needed counter part for Richard Wyler. All in all I think this movie should be higher in the SWDB’s rankings. 4 stars out of 5 from me.

(Novecento) #115

Milian stated in an interview that he only started doing his dubbing later on in both English and in Italian. I would imagine that the Spanish version is his voice however as that would have been the shooting language (I’ve only watched the English version)

The original novel on which it is based is called “The Bounty Killer”. I haven’t read the novel, but I would imagine if focuses more on Chilson as the eponymous Bounty Killer than in the film where it seems a bit out of place given that the focus is really on Milian’s character. The original Spanish title “The Price of a Man” is far more suitable. As for the title “The Ugly Ones”, the producer Maesso has stated it was invented by United Artists on the assumption that it would sell better, but that it also tied into the idea that he and Eugenio Martin had of using younger actors for the bad guys (the ugly ones) to tie into the notion of juvenile delinquency that was the hot political topic of the time.

(Novecento) #116

Does anyone know off-hand if it is Milian’s own voice in the Spanish version - short of listening to the Spanish version and seeing if it sounds like him?

(JonathanCorbett) #117

To me it doesn’t sound like his voice but you can check yourself searching El precio de un hombre en español on YouTube.

(Novecento) #118

Hmmm… I’m not so sure.


The Ugly Ones (1966)

Their isn’t many flaws with this film. It has a runtime under two hours. The plot is first-rate, insightful, and clever without plagiarizing Corbucci, Leone, or Solima. It could be me, but their’s some type of horror element that is introduced by Eugenio Martin that is not found in any other spaghetti western. All slasher films of 1980s I think owe Martin some respect.I think they borrow a lot of the paranoia and fear elements that Martin brings so well to the screen. I felt like I was watching a motion picture that was way ahead of its time, and a motion picture that would constantly be ripped off. Luke who is a brave and charismatic bounty hunter is portrayed perfectly to the point where i thought i was watching a documentary at times. Luke is after Gomez a good for nothing, untrustworthy, double crossing villian, and as double crossing as any in spaghetti western history. Next is the dialogue which I think is noteworthy. Again, take note, Gomez almost has the personality of cult leader and I consider this Milan’s finest work. It’s almost like hes a cult leader or something. The townsfolk just seem to love him and have a strange attachment to him. Again, Martin able to bring that horror element. Stelvio Cipriani’s score is great and this is for sure in my top 10 spaghetti westerns of all time. I miss the days when films made on low budgets were exciting, raw, and mind blowing.

(Novecento) #120

I really like this film too. It’s amazing how these underrated gems sometimes re-surface. I believe this was Tomas Milian’s first leading role (I know the English title goes to The Bounty Killer) and it was Milian’s performance that led Sollima to cast Milian in The Big Gundown. The rest is of course history…