The Specialists / Gli specialisti (Sergio Corbucci, 1969)

(Reverend Danite) #101

I think Garrone deserves better than to be left out - I’m presuming he ain’t one of these …? :wink:

(Phil H) #102

Correct. And neither is Bergonzelli :smiley:
Although, to be fair, I like Garrone and at least he is consistant.

(Reverend Danite) #103

Consistently good … that is?

(Phil H) #104

Consistantly decent.
Killer Kid, Stranger’s Gundown, No Room to Die… All decent spaghettis. Not world beaters but solid stuff and all enjoyable. There’s a few of his I haven’t seen but I suspect I would like them well enough.

(Novecento) #105

I enjoyed this one. The scenery was stunning and Corbucci aptly demonstrated his flair behind the camera once again.

However, aside from the band of hippies and the rather ludicrous bulletproof vest which have been mentioned by others, I really didn’t like the way they pretended Mario Adorf was missing one of his arms from the elbow down by simply folding his arm up on itself. They should have at least padded out his other arm to make him look balanced.

I had no problems with Johnny Halliday in the lead role. This and Cemetery Without Crosses are the two SWs I like to watch in French to appreciate the original voices of the main actors.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #106

Call me crazy, but I prefer Sergio Garrone’s No Room to Die, and Django the bastard over Gli Specialisti and even the great silence. For some strange reason, I’m just not really into Corbucci, the exception being Django which I love.

(Stanton) #107

I prefer No Room to Die also to Massacre at Grand Canyon and The White, the Yellow, the Black.

But crazy I’m not.

(Dillinger) #108

I think, No room to die is a quite shabby and boring western.

IMO Garrone had a stunnig cast with Berger and Steffen and didn’t manage to use appropriately.
Maybe NRTD is one of the overpraised SWs that tend to disappiont me afetr the first view and need a second view to correct the image.

(Stanton) #109

It’s not a great western, only an ok western. Watchable. Garrone lacks the style to make something special.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #110

Agreed. Not a great movie at all. Flawed script and shabby directing. But for some doggone reason I love this movie! Its just fun to watch.

(Dillinger) #111

Maybe Berger’s supergun?

(chuck connors brother) #112

I got a better copy of this and like it alot more now, great music from Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, didn’t really notice it before… those see through subtitles are a pain to read, i’m very grateful to have them though. Does an english track exist?

(korano) #113

Don’t thinkso but possibly cause I’ve seen the English trailer. The fandubs subs are easier to read.

(chuck connors brother) #114

Yeah I didn’t know about the english trailer, that gives me some hope.

(Bad Lieutenant) #115

I had been putting off seeing this one, but finally a fan project arrived with at least 70% of the audio in English (the rest in Italian). I had seen the film once before in French, but I was very drunk and stoned, so I’m not counting that occasion.
Anyway, I can’t say I like it much even though it’s not a piece of crap. The film drags and drags, with only the ending being of real interest and quality. The rest is so so stuff, with not too many ideas. The hippies were annoying. All the symbolics can’t save the film. It’s too much laid on there and too translusive for my taste. Halliday does alright. Adorf, Fabian and Moschin are good. The music is ok too.
All in all, not a bad film. But, not a good film either.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #116

Yeah I didn’t really like this one either. FOr some reason I just can’t learn to love Corbucci.

(Silver Wolf) #117

Interesting, this is the first time I hear someone say that he’s not a big fan of Corbucci. He’s not one of my fav. directors either. The Great Silence is his only masterpiece, everything else ranges from very good to pure shit. Only one or two of his films rank among genre’s best IMO.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #118

I’m a little bit wierd in my tastes LOL. I don’t even like Great silence that much. The only movie corbucci movie I like alot is Django.

(I...I...Idiot) #119

I thought I was alone in feeling this. I do like it, but not as high on my list as many others.

(I...I...Idiot) #120

Without knowing who directed this while watching, I’m thinking ‘this is very Django or Great Silence’ in regards to what the main character goes through. The only thing out of place for me were the hippies. Johnny Halliday was areal treat. I loved the scenery & direction. Some of the shots are very Twilight SW. Some great panning & low abgle shots. My viewing was a fan dub, half English half Italian with my srt subtitles not working so the story is piecemeal at times but a good sw none the less.