The Spaghetti Westerns of Lucio Fulci

Director Lucio Fulci is famous for his violent horror films. But he also directed three spaghetti westerns. In those three, he showed a style different than any other spaghetti western director. Directing with slow pace with out bursts of graphic violence. Opinions?

I wouldn’t call one of his 3 SWs slow paced. Especially not Massacre Time.

But MT and 4otA are rather violent for the years of their release, and there is much grapic violence in 4otA.

All 3 are different from another, so there isn’t much to compare.

You wouldn’t call Four of the Apocalypse slow Paced? ???

All I know is Massacre time was pretty horrible IMO and it could be considered slow pace…that is if it had any pace at all. Its pretty much just an empty void.

I think he’s got a really good eye for westerns, all 3 films are so different… it doesn’t seem like he just made them for the sake of it.

Labours of love.

The two Fulci White Fang films are in the database, so I guess some people consider these westerns (even though some people clearly do not).

Yeah I don’t really, they feel more like a violent italian version Old Yeller.

Isn’t his name Lucio Fulci? ??? Luci is quite a nice name for somebody who made movies like The Hous by the Cemetery, The Gates of Hell, Zombie 2, Zombie 3, The Beyond (or any alternative title!), the New York Ripper, …

I have seen Four of the Apocalypse many years ago on TV. Cannot quite remember but I think it was just another cut version. But Silver Saddle and Massacre Time are pretty good.

Sure is.

Well, it’s not a fast film, of course, but also not that slow. Only the mining camp scenes are real slow, but they are also the weakest part of the film, which doesn’t fit well with all that happened before.

Maybe compared to contemporary action films …

Alright then. I see your point.

And about the misspelling of luci. It was late and I was tired. I’ll change it.

Wonder why Mr.Fulci did not direct more westerns in the 60’s?

Yes I wonder too. According to IMDB the genre where he was most involved as Writer, Assistant Director, Actor, Director (or whatever) was Comedy (42 results) followed by Horror (29 results). Western had only 6 results: As director: Silver Saddle, Four of the Apocalypse, A Bullet for Sandoval (I’m curious about that!). As Actor: 2 R-R-Ringos from Texas. As Writer: I’ll kill him and return alone. :slight_smile:

Oh shit! I forgotthat he co directed A Bullet for Sandoval. Should I add it to the poll?By the way. I misspell a lot becasue my dumbass space bar is being a shit head! >:(

Some people may want these two on the list…

No forget it. Even in our Database he isn’t credited as Director and maybe he was only Second Unit Director. :wink:

Which film are you are you talking about Paco? The White Fang films or Sandoval?

Sandoval! Ennio wrote as fast as Speedy Gonzales can run. :slight_smile: