The Senoritas

What would Spaghetti Westerns be without these unknown little roles that we call supporting actresses, those senoritas, mexican women, rich ladies whatever.

my favorite is Claudia Cardinale from OUATITW, and boy is that a gorgeous one :slight_smile:

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I liked Navajo Joe’s squeeze,

That’s Nicoletta Machiavelli

I loved Ella Karin in “The Bounty killer”, a beautiful lady with a very important role in a sw

Would have to be Elsa Martinelli from Belle Starr Story for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me it’s Nicholetta Machiavelli (now a professor at a university in Oregon!) or Pilar Velasquez from THE FORGOTTEN PISTOLERO…

Michèle Girardon from Vendo Cara La Pelle actually died at the age of 37 from an overdose of sleeping pills. actually not a very famous actress, but she was pretty good in the film

I have to agree, it’s Claudia. Shewas even voted prettiest woman in italy, or something like that. Stunning.

Iris Berben (50 years old now). You have to watch Companeros to see her tits though :slight_smile: haha

:o My version of Companeros must have been edited!

which one do you have?

Some of my favorite sw actresses:

Nicoletta Machiavelli
Pilar Velasquez
Rada Rassimov
Giovanna Ralli
Iris Berben
Lynne Frederick

…and of course: BB and CC

Claudia Cardinale, Linda Veras, Chelo Alonzo, Iris Burben


Berben. ok,ok, lol

Nieves Navarro!

Mine is an old english PAL video, which I’m sure is edited.

Brigitte Bardot & Jeanne Moreau in Viva Maria!


Claudia Cardinale -Once Upon a Time in the West