The Return of Ringo / Il ritorno di Ringo (Duccio Tessari, 1965)

(Paco Roman) #1

It’s a Stuff Favorite and IMO one of the best SW ever. Strange that there was no thread so far. :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #2

A personal favourite indeed and a wonderful example of genre film making at its very best. Gemma, Sancho, Nieves Navarro and one of Morricone’s most memorable themes. What more could you possibly ask for. I very rarely give 5 stars but this one qualifies with ease.

(scherpschutter) #3

There’s also an excellent REVIEW of it in the database (by no other than the great …):

(Pacificador) #4

An excellent review, Phil. I enjoyed this movie for so many of the same reasons. As mentioned in another thread this movie is now my favourite Gemma film.

After I finished watching this movie I thought, “now THIS is a film I would show to friends I’m trying to introduce to spaghettis”. I think this is an excellent “ambassador film” and really highlights the best parts of the genre.

(Silvanito) #5

Now we await the ultimate Koch Media release of this one :slight_smile:

(autephex) #6

so i’m guessing the video transfer on the Koch release is vastly superior to the SPO disc? how about any extras?

(Paco Roman) #7

Oh yes great review of Phil. He sums it up perfectly why this movie and this genre is so wonderful. :slight_smile:
For me it’s one of the movies which is getting a greater joy by every watching.

I wonder why Tessari named the main character again Ringo. Maybe to sell the Movie better. :slight_smile:

(Frank Talby) #8

Definitely a top choice in the genre. I am a big fan of Gemma and this is one of his best.

(korano) #9

I liked this one. Who wouldn’t. I found the slow pace easy to view and captivating. The situation for our hero does seem absolutely hopeless and I give Tessari the credits for that part. The finale is a lot like the entire film of Pistol for Ringo.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #10

Damn, I probably wouldn’t have spent 50 bucks on the SPO version had I known the Koch version would come out a couple years later.

(Angel Face) #11

Another great movie. To me, Guiliano Gemma was always gifted with some of the best roles the genre had to offer. It seems a lot of people dislike him because of his look. That never bothered me as the man was brimming with charisma. His few sword & sandal roles are good, too, especially his big role in GOLIATH & THE SINS OF BABYLON (1963). Gemma showed off a lot of athleticism in that movie and what was to come over the next year or two. I haven’t seen a truly bad movie by him yet, although I have yet to see TEX, LORD OF THE DEEP and that Bond style movie he did looks a bit dreary.

(Pacificador) #12

Gemma really showed that he is more than that “pretty boy” charismatic actor - he showed a depth I hadn’t seen before, and really conveyed his character’s sense of loss on his return from the war.

(Angel Face) #13

Exactly. His “pretty boy” look never bothered me as I thought he had enough charisma and athleticism to make up for his lack of the typical SW hero look. He did sport a “dirty” look in one or two other movies. One that comes to mind right now is THE LONG DAYS OF VENGEANCE. At least he did for the first 20 to 30 minutes.

(Lasky) #14

For me one of the true sw greats featuring in a few of the very best of this genre!

I’m just thankful that the likes of Tom Cruise or Leonardo Di Caprio aren’t of the same generation. ;D

(ENNIOO) #15

The mere mention of these names makes me want to view a Spaghetti western.

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(cm215) #17

One of Gemma’s best, more serious SW films and much better than “A Pistol for Ringo.” At times, it seems almost like a horror/thriller (like 1% at times, haha, I’m not saying it’s really like a horror/thriller film) because of music and Gemma’s performance… they really set a good atmosphere!

(Bill san Antonio) #18

Definitely one of the best films of the genre. I can’t believe it’s still not our database’s top20.

(Pacificador) #19

I imagine Phil must be quite gratified that his film is getting the recognition it deserves all of a sudden! :slight_smile:

Very very well done though…a fine example of a SW I would show someone to break their misconceptions of the genre.

(Stanton) #20

Well, it’s on the way …