The Price of Death / Il venditore di morte (Enzo Gicca Palli, 1971)

(Dillinger) #21

[quote=“Stanton, post:17, topic:206”]Alex Cox claims that for The Price of Death “hardcore porno scenes were shot”, but “the sex seems to have been dropped from the finished film”.

Hard to believe.[/quote]

Well, Garko played in some Lederhosn-flicks, so why not some erotic scenes in this one…

(Stanton) #22

But hardcore scenes for a mainstream SW?

(Dillinger) #23

Yea, I was just kidding. I can’t imagine something like that either.

(Phil H) #24

Well, Jess Franco used to do this with a lot of his films.
When I spoke with Robert Woods recently he said he deliberately kept his Franco films off his CV for years because there were porno versions of the films circulated including footage he had never been involved in.

(Stanton) #25

Porno or some sex scenes?

(Dillinger) #26

As far as I know, porno.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #27

I wouldn’t be surprised if the porno thing was true. Of course Garko and Kinski were not involved but some dude probably shot porno scenes and edited together with footage of the actual film to make a porno.

(korano) #28

Similar to Death Played the Flute then. Edited into Porno Erotic Western. I wonder what that one’s like???

(Starblack) #29

Well, you can imagine what the flute gets used for…

(axl_foley_01) #30

Michael from Koch mentioned at another forum a hidden feature in their upcoming DVD release, but he does not want to go into details. Things are getting interesting…

(Chris_Casey) #31

Hey, Colonel!

You may already be aware, but that double feature has changed. It will now feature two Peter Lee Lawrence films, KILLER CALIBER 32 and KILLER ADIOS, instead.
I like THE PRICE OF DEATH, but I think having the two “Killer” films together makes for a more logical double feature, in some ways.
Mostly because I can’t see the character as played by Garko to be the same one played by PLL.

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[quote=“korano, post:28, topic:206”]Similar to Death Played the Flute then. Edited into Porno Erotic Western. I wonder what that one’s like???[/quote]Slightly off topic but has anyone got one of these ;D

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Yep got that one and a few others like it :wink: .

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[quote=“ENNIOO, post:33, topic:206”]Yep got that one and a few others like it :wink: .[/quote]It’s the only one i have like it.

What others are there?

(ENNIOO) #35

Have a look at this thread:,532.0.html

(Yodlaf Peterson) #36

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:35, topic:206”]Have a look at this thread:,532.0.html[/quote]nice one

(axl_foley_01) #37

If you look for the italian movie magazine NOCTURNO, issue #86 in the WWW there is an announcement on an article called “WESTERN EROTICO - IL VENDITORE DI MORTE & UN DOLLARO DI FUOCO”.

Also in some of the italian forums are some rumours about erotic and porno scenes on “Il venditore di more”…

(Stanton) #38

Watched the Koch DVD.

More or less an average SW which can’t decide if it wants to take itself serious or not. It’s a simple detective film with a few superfluous giallo elements. It’s also a social farce with several stupid comedy elements. And somehow it’s also supposed to be western.

The solution to the crime “mystery” is like so often predictable, as is the solution after the solution. But still the story has also in-between a few nice turns which could keep the interest of the viewer.

All in all not a complete disaster. 4/10

(Dillinger) #39

Compared to Shango for me the better release. I was solid entertainment whithout too many boring scenes. I only used the ff-button once, when the gold diggers had their fight, but I dislike fights in general. The nocturnal chases round the village ending in front of the shed were another weak point.

Apart from that it was OK for me.

(korano) #40

Does nobody but me find the atmosphere to be great?