The Man Who Came to Kill / Doc, Hands of Steel / L’uomo dalla pistola d’oro / Doc, manos de plata (Alfonso Balcázar, 1965)

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Yes, November '65 is right.

The rating was VM14, confirmed on appeal ‘‘per le numerose scene di esasperata violenza e per la insistenza compiaciuta con cui si mettono in evidenza atti di estrema crudeltà e di gravi sevizie’’.

(The Man With a Name) #22

Decided to re-watch this after falling asleep the last time and really enjoyed it. I can see this had the potential to be an even better film with but overall, it’s worth a watch. I have a widescreen TV print if anybody is interested in a trade. It’s better than the official DVD.

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IMDb is right about the Italian release date of Warlock: public showing was authorized on April 15, 1959 (film length 3328 metres).

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Grazie, JonathanCorbett.