The Man Who Came to Kill / Doc, Hands of Steel / L’uomo dalla pistola d’oro / Doc, manos de plata (Alfonso Balcázar, 1965)

(Reverend Danite) #1'oro,_L'

I fancied getting my hands on Doc, Hands of Steel, not realising I had it already as the title as in our database.
Karl Mohner is better in this than in Gold Train - playing his part(s) well as the boozed-up gambler with a price on his head, who takes on another man’s identity to become sheriff of a town that is being terrorized by Mexican bandits - led magnificently by arch-bandito chief - Fernando Sancho.
That ‘price’ is wanting to be collected by suspicious bounty killer Slade - a cool and mean dude who takes on the role of Deputy to keep an eye on his sheriff/reward until his suspicions can be realised.
It starts slow, and I wasn’t initially enamoured by it’s pace and feel - but it grew on me. There was enough twisting to keep me entertained, despite it having that American western feel (but I’m no expert - what do others think of this?) - and although being a bit corny love-interest-wise and a potential to get a bit moralistic/happy-endingy, it kept me guessing as to how it might end… upbeat or nihalistic?

In feel - not as spaghetti as I like 'em usually - but more than ok this evening.

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The version I watched said at the end “Fan dubbed by Dillinger” - well done fellah - another film I was at last able to watch!

(adamm07) #2

I agree with Reverend.

It is something between american and spaghetti western, but entertaining to watch.
The best thing about this movie is of course Fernando Sancho and his funny, hot-tempered character.

So Alfonso Balcazar wasn’t so bad after all. :wink:

(Søren) #3

Watched this last night and must say that it was a mostly pleasant experience. As mentioned this is an American/Spaghetti mix but it comes out allright. Not too painful to watch :slight_smile:

One thing I learned from this movie is that having a boiling pot of water thrown in your face isn’t really as painful as one might imagine. Actually it might have healing powers. Will have to try that one day.

I watched the dvd release from Thunder Island which apart from being in the wrong aspect ratio (1.33:1) quite obviously also is cut (is around 89 minutes). Have no idea how much but some scenes ends quite abrupt.

Nice theme tune.


By the way Fernando Sancho has a pig(let) throwing scene in this one. That man has an obvious issue with pigs. Or it may be the other way around.

(scherpschutter) #4

Haven’t watched it yet, I guess. You make me curious about those healing effects

(Søren) #5

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger they say (garbage saying, lots of things doesn’t kill you but leave you crippled and scarred for life but hey who cares :slight_smile: ) … The boiling water our ‘hero’ gets thrown in the face in this movie certainly doesn’t seem to hurt him one bit, I don’t even think he says “Ouch”.