The Man from Oklahoma / Oklahoma John / Il ranch degli spietati (Jaime Jesús Balcázar, Roberto Bianchi Montero, 1965)

Watched; the Dorado films version, widescreen, good quality.

A new sheriff (Oklahoma Dan - or Oklahoma for short, he says, though most of the cast refer to him as Dan) arrives in town and walks smack into trouble. He’s determined to clean up the town and put an end to the reign of terror perpetrated by the hired hands (and bratty, drunken son) of local despotic landowner Edwards. Gaining two unlikely “deputies” he also investigates the murder, during a stagecoach robbery, of the father of local girl (and potential love interest) Georgina White. The main suspects are Edwards, head ranch hand Hondo, perpetually drunk and whining son Jim and an oily saloon owner called Watson (who warns him not to put the moves on Georgina). Sheriff Dan has to get to the bottom of who is trying to screw over/set up who aswell as figure out who murdered White, and more importantly, why.

Nothing remarkable here but it held my interst well enough and was competently done. The sheriff looked a bit on the dim side and was a little too lighthearted in manner for my liking but i guess that’s a minor quibble. Sure i’d heard the music somewhere else before too but just can’t figure out where!

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Typical early sw without the real sw touch. Awful film! My rating is 1/5

Yeah, you’re right there…it was pretty much like a US western. Then again, i don’t mind them. Guess i’m generally a bit on the generous side with these films anyway. There’'s rarely anything i hate to be honest.

I watched it last night. I found it enjoyable - it is a US styled spaghetti western. Not a great movie but I was entertained by it. The Dorado dvd is good.

[quote=“Frank Talby, post:4, topic:1551”]I watched it last night. I found it enjoyable - it is a US styled spaghetti western. Not a great movie but I was entertained by it. The Dorado dvd is good.[/quote]Really? I like some of the early sw’s, Gunfight at Red Sands, Gunfight at High Noon and Bullets Don’t Argue to name few but I thought this was rubbish. Well, The Last Gun (also from Dorado) is even worse though.

I like Gunfight at Red Sands, One Silver Dollar, and Bullets Don’t Argue more than this one. This one held my interest. It’s no gem but I was entertained for 84 minutes.

And Last Gun is on my list to watch as well… Is it worse than Minnesota Clay?

I think it is. Very boring.

thanks. I’ll most likely get to it this week.

What the hell!? Is Anton Geesink in this? Now I gotta check it out.

Dear me, as Rick Horn ?? (Why not Rick van de Ploeg)

Is this serious? I would have never dreamt of Anton Geesink in a spaghetti, but if so, I would have put my money on a Trinity-like spaghetti (Non-Dutch: Anton Geesink was a judo champion)

Screenies form CG:

Not Anton Geesink, I presume

I’ll check a few Italian books, maybe they have additional info

Hmm, had a feeling it wasn’t him. This guy is not wearing a sheriff’s badge. Getting the movie right now and will check it out in a couple of hours.

Have a feeling it might be correct though, as he was also in an Italian bible film. Only 3 movie credits to his name. The other is a Dutch production, Rififi in Amsterdam, of which I think I’ll buy the dvd.

Apparently Anton Geesink did act in an Italian movie, I Grandi Condottieri, and he played Samson in it

I Grandi Condottieri (this link has a clip, but Geesink is not in it):

(text in Dutch) -

IMDB does mention him as Rick Horn in Il Ranch degli Spietati (Nice title: The Ranch of the Ruthless), but still I don’t think the man on the two photos is Anton Geesink.

Italian Marco Giusti, in his book, describes Rick Horn as ‘an actor we’ve never heard of again’

Just checked. The guy in the screens is the lead actor. So, if imdb is correct, it’s Geesink.

I could be wrong, of course

I think I’ll get the movie too

Uhmm, most pics I’ve seen of Geesnick are newspaper quality at best, making it hard to compare. There is a review and some screenies here, but not very revealing:

Think I’ll change the db back until something more concrete surfaces.

I watched the first ten minutes of the movie, and have been looking on the net for photos with a young Anton Geesink

I’m still not sure it’s him. The guy in the film is a tall, strong fellow, but I had the idea Geesink was taller, and especially bigger, but that might have been an optical illusion.

I’ll finish the film first tonight, and if I’m still not sure, I’ll try to get in contact with the man himself.
He always seemed a nice guy on TV, and I have no plans to change his mood.

I finished the movie yesterday night

Nothing special, no real spaghetti feel, typical early effort to make an American-ish Euro Western
Unspectacular, but competently done, some elegantly written sequences, especially towards the end. I’ll write a short review this weekend.

Still not sure if this man Horn is Anton Geesink or not, I still have the idea he is too small to be him
I have Geesink’s phone number, but so far I have not been able to get him on the phone