The Legend of Frenchie King / Les Pétroleuses (Christian-Jaque, 1971)

(Silvanito) #1

This is the other eurowestern featuring french beauty Brigitte Bardot, the first being Viva Maria (-> Database link[/url]) 1965.
It also features lovely italian actress Claudia Cardinale!

Les Petroleuses (-> [url=]Database link is nothing special really, but it’s nice to watch these two beautiful women together in the same film.

Story is pretty lame and the whole film feels lightweight, but at least it has a style of it’s own and doesn’t borrow from other spaghettis.

Worth a look, if only for Bardot & Cardinale :slight_smile:

(cigar joe) #2

Never seen it but on the strength of this poster I’ll give it a 3

(Sebastian) #3

oooh yesss baby! bring it on!

(Silvanito) #4

I almost forgot, but Brigitte Bardot made one more eurowestern, the british-produced Shalako 1968, where she played opposite Sean Connery.

Correct number is therefore three westerns for Brigitte ;D

(Stanton) #5

Wasted my time with this film yesterday.

A would be comedy, a would be parody, a would be western, a would be erotic film. A would be everything, but the film is … nothing.

Even the girls are disappointing. I never have seen CC and BB so unimpressive, even the would be erotic moments are painful to watch.

One of Christian-Jacques’ last fims. A long way down since Fanfan la tulipe.

(alk0) #6

It felt to like some kind of lightweight-american-western-comedy in the vein of “Cat Baloo” and i always hated it. Still not too painful to watch and has got some eyecandy. 5/10

(Paco Roman) #7

Watchable because of CC and BB :-*. For a comedy or parody it’s too less funny or silly. Funny on the Cover of the EMS DVD is written Bandidas of the 70’s. Never thought that Bandidas with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz is a good one so I didn’t expected too much. I hated the stupid unfunny sheriff. Not as good as Viva Maria!.

(tomobea) #8

Someone told me the DVD:s of Frenchie King are cut in the beggining!!!(I haven`t checked) is that true???
The Scandinavian VHS Versions are uncut!!!

(scherpschutter) #9

It’s not a classic, but it sure is worth a look:étroleuses_Review

(Sundance) #10

Saw this a long time ago (it was okay I guess, mainly because of the women… :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I’m quite sure in English… yet I can’t remember anything how it actually worked like that. I mean, isn’t the main town in the movie French and the residents are supposed to be French speaking (there is even sign stating that?) and as you mention in the review the sheriff is trying to learn French because of the women? So if everyone speaks English then… uh… well, like I said I can’t remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an old Australian DVD under the title Petroleum Girls which looks very bad and appears to be somewhat cut compared to Italian, French and German discs. But for some reason it actually seems to use alternate take on at least one scene… it happened to be the first scene I took a screenshot from and was unable to match it with other discs. I was too tired to deal with that kind of shit at the moment so I didn’t check more… ;D

(scherpschutter) #11

I’ll load up a few screenshots later. I think my DVD is Dutch.

By the way: Yes , there is a sign, saying somethink like: “We only speak English if absolutely necessary”. A mixture of French and English is spoken in town. I think the situation was more or less like this in town like Bougival: the people who had founded the town, continued to speak their native tongue to each other, but more and more ‘foreigners’ settled in the neighbourhood, and they spoke English to each other and the townspeople. After a while English had become more common than French.

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The DVD is Dutch, released by Lumière


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Running Time 1:30:45, DD 2.0 French, Dutch Subtitles, no extras




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I apparently entered the wrong title (Frenchie) in the search bar
Well, merge them!

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It’s mostly easier to check the database page first before using the Search function.

Most (if not all) film threads are linked from there

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Cheers Bill :slight_smile: .

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Good looking film, mainly due to the two female stars. Cardinale looks the best, Bardot is starting to show her age a little in this. Not long after this film she quit acting. Lightweight romp with a routine story which has been done better before. The banter between the stars kept me watching, and wish the catfight between them came a little earlier.

(Bill san Antonio) #20

A little bit of more nudity would have done good for this film. :slight_smile: