The Last Western You Watched?

Today: Johnny Hamlet (Castellari, 1968)

Yeah, I liked this one. Put me in mind of The Forgotten Pistolero (Baldi, 1969) and of The Return of Ringo (Tessari, 1965). And, as with those two, I can see myself returning to it and finding it even more enjoyable on second/third/fourth viewing. For now, it’s crashed my Spag Top 40. Some fantastic imagery in there, and it started incredibly strongly. Andrea Giordana did well in the lead role I thought, although he was understandably upstaged by a superb Horst Frank.

Just watched this one:

Pretty average with a lot of stock footage used for the battle scene but I did enjoy it.

Bone Tomahawk (Zahler / 2015)

Just got around to watching this and I must say I liked it a lot.
Excellent dialogue, great cast and a nice slow pace leading up to utter brain fuck violence.

I just finished watching Massacre (1956). The ending was quite surprising for a 1950s western.

The Salvation (Levring / 2014)

Another recent one I have had on the pile to watch but have only just got to now.
Again I was really impressed. Watched this one with the wife (she has some Danish heritage on her Mother’s side so is always up for some Danish linked stuff) and we both really enjoyed this revenge tale in the west with a European slant. Recommended.

Enjoyed it a lot. Straight, unpretentious, well-made genre film (has its own thread, by the way). Refreshing to see (a) Danish protagonist(s) in a Western. Liked the filmmakers’ idea to mention the Second Schleswig War as the reason for the brothers’ emigration.

Have you noticed that the Koch Media DVD cover erroneously credits the film’s direction to George Sherman? Same error as on the cover of Rudolph Maté’s Die Welt gehört ihm! (The Mississippi Gambler). On the downloadable covers, the mistakes are corrected, though.

Nope hadn’t looked that closely I guess… but isn’t it a George Sherman movie?

Anyways, last one I saw was Forsaken, and I liked it. Review coming soon on NK (German) and in English on Furious Cinema

Nope, Jesse Hibbs directed it. And yes, I liked Forsaken too. Donald and Kiefer Sutherland as father and son, Demi Moore in a very cool secondary role. Lone_Gringo wrote a short review. (I’ll never get used to Kiefer as a first name – it means “jaw [bone]” or “pine tree” in German.)

I didn’t rate Forsaken. Very ordinary, I thought. I was hoping for more I guess from what had previously been a fruitful partnership 'twixt Kiefer Sutherland and director Jon Cassar.

Would’ve been cool to have had Donald play Jack Bauer’s father Philip in season 6 of 24.

I’ve always thought it was a small insect, a kever in Dutch, but apparently that’s Käfer in German, I must have misunderstood the word when in Germany.

Yes, Käfer, a bug or a beetle.

JOSHUA (1976) - Flat and boring, this is really poor film making, Very annoying score as well. 4/10

Also a legendary car …

Yes, the Volkswagen. We called it a Kever too in Dutch. VW Kever.

Joshua over the years …






Heh, that was an entertaining summary.


Probably the only car I ever liked (I don’t have a driving license).

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I have one, but I don’t like driving. But yes, I liked the sight of a Käfer too. I also light the sight of a Deux Chevaux, Citroën 2CV

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Yes, of course, very nice. In Germany and Austria the 2 CV was nicknamed “Ente” (duck). Wikipedia tells me that a Dutch journalist came up with this moniker in 1948: “het lelijke eendje” or “de lelijke eend.”